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DeLaneau is one of my favourite luxury watch manufacturers. Their timepieces are exceptional artworks, unique masterpieces, which invoke the magic of their artisans.

The DeLaneau Guardian Angel pièce unique, one of their latest creations, celebrates DeLaneau’s key signature, the art of Grand Feu enamelling.

Angels have always featured prominently in the DeLaneau universe and in their designs. DeLaneau angels are usually depicted in monochrome, but the idea here was to explore the Renaissance style, with its pursuit of physical realism and use of unnatural colouring and lighting. This creation majestically showcases the combination of two techniques that are valuable hallmarks of the Swiss luxury brand: la peinture miniature sous fondant (miniature painting with flux enamel), a method known as the Geneva technique, and paillonné enamelling.


This creation features a tourbillon mechanical movement, and is set with 52 baguette-cut diamonds and 24 diamonds. Housed in a white gold case set with 39 baguette-cut diamonds and 285 diamonds, it is finished with a diamond-encrusted crown, while the strap is equipped with a white gold deploying buckle set with 32 diamonds.


The idea behind this outstanding creation came from a quote from Jacques Maritain about the possible origin of our inspiration, and how it perhaps comes to us, “whispered into our ear by our guardian angel”. The initial sketches by DeLaneau’s artisan enamellist depicted an angel blowing leaves through the sky. As she started working on the dial itself, the idea of using paillon enamel came to her, and the leaves thus became stars. This moment of inspiration reminds us that enamel is always the element that guides us as we shape our creations.


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