Terry de Gunzburg is one of the most creative women in the luxury cosmetics business. After having worked as an International Make-up Designer for Yves Saint Laurent for 15 years (she invented the iconic YSL Touché Eclat in 1992), she launched her own brand By Terry in 1998. It includes amazing skincare, perfume and make-up collections. I discovered her high perfumery collection a few years ago and started to wear Lumière d’Épices, an eau de parfum with notes of jasmine, honey, citrus, spices and dry wood. This week, I was invited to a By Terry press event at the Spitzenhaus perfumery in Zurich, where I discovered the new spring 2018 make-up, fragrance and skincare products of the French brand. My favourite new product? I am fascinated by Terry de Gunzburg’s new perfume Délectation Splendide, a very sophisticated and sensual oriental splendour. As a beauty editor, I tested many new fragrances which will be launched in 2018, but so far Délectation Spendide is the best French luxury perfume 2018 I have discovered.

«I dreamt up my new fragrance as a coronation of luxury. I envisioned a majestic escape amid opulent palaces, where olfactory delights transport body and soul with their exotic allure,» says Terry de Gunzburg. «Where queens, one-night rockers and divas from one thousand and one nights intoxicate their kingdoms with this irresistible scent of temptation. The bewitching power of a spicy sweetness that excites the senses.»


The fragrance opens with the sheer headiness of Indian Ginger – pungent and spicy, with a dash of pepper. A crispness punctuated with light lemon notes combines with the mesmerizing scent of Anise. Turkish Tobacco Leaf adds another layer of spice to this extravagant Mediterranean escape. Next, almost paradoxically, the scent becomes warm and sweet.The bouquet then exhales the majestic scent of Moroccan Rose. For a gourmand’s pleasure, Venezuelan Tonka Bean rounds out the fragrance’s middle notes with its nutty almond and praline scents. This is when its extraordinary sillage emerges. Here, a woody, balsamic offering is made: the scarce Moroccan Benzoin Siam, burned since the dawn of time as a libation to the gods. Its rich honey scent wraps around the Sri Lankan Cinnamon Wood and Madagascan Vanilla accord, exquisitely accentuating them. This fragrant melange is further exalted by Indonesian Patchouli and a finishing touch of Musk.

In its elegant bottle, a solid glass cube with rounded curves, embellished with a drop of mercury, the elixir glorifies its mauve marshmallow colour with a smoky hue of sweet Turkish delight.



Délectation Splendide is an opulent eau de parfum that could have been worn by Queen Padmavati in Bollywood’s new film epic Padmaavat. Self-confident women who love bold colours, exotic travel destinations and oriental notes will love this new perfume. The Turkish Tobacco Leaf is quite strong at the beginning, but after ten minutes it becomes warm and exalts the imagination with a beautiful gourmand note. The Indonesian Patchouli and the Musk round the fragrance off elegantly.


Discover the world of By Terry on her website.

In Zurich, Délectation Splendide (100 ml plus 8.5 ml travel size) as well as skincare, perfume and make-up products By Terry are available at the luxurious Spitzenhaus perfumery. Price: approximately CHF 198.

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