An angel appears, pronounces the name of the recipients who are bound for hell and tells them when they will die. When the time comes, the executors come from hell and fulfill the prophecy.

In Hellbound, the new Netflix series from South Korea, otherworldly beings appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. These supernatural events cause great mayhem and enable the religious group The New Truth to grow in influence. Who is their leader Jung Jinsu? Where do the monsters come from? Who choses the victims? Discover 19 Facts About Hellbound.

What is The New Truth?
The New Truth is an organization for religious studies which was formed by Chairman Jung Jinsu in 2012.

What’s the goal of The New Truth?
“Some people misinterpret our doctrine and have radical ideas,” says Jung Jinsu. “Our goal is to let the world know of God’s wish for us to live more righteously.”

What is the Arrowhead?
The New Truth has never disclosed the exact number of members, but it is assumed that its radical members formed the Arrowhead.

Who is the first victim in Hellbound?
The first murder case in which the strange creatures are filmed takes place near Hapjeong Station in Seoul. They appear out of nowhere, chase the victim who was having a cup of coffee in a big coffee shop and murder him. The body is burnt to a crisp at a very high temperature.

Who is Jung Jinsu, Chairman of The New Truth?
After inadvertently witnessing a demonstration of hell in the past, Jinsu devotes himself to studying such incidents occurring throughout the world. He becomes enlightened of the divine  will, and as the chairman of The New Truth, he preaches a new world order with righteousness  without sin.

How did Jung Jinsu get enlightened?
He grew up in a Catholic orphanage. “Religion has always been part of my life,” he says. “I had no interest in life. I was looking forward to turning 20, wondering how to end my life.” But he didn’t want people to see him dead. He travelled to a plain in Tibet. “That was the first time I found meaning in life,” he recalls. “Ever since, I travelled all over, looking for the traces of God. After travelling for ten years, I got to understand God’s will a little. And I realized what was I was meant to do.”

Who is Yoo Ah-in, the actor who plays Jung Jinsu?
Yoo Ah-in is a 35-year-old South Korean actor who’s best known for his roles in Veteran, The Throne, Burning and #Alive. In 2016, he ranked second in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40. He is a brand ambassador for Burberry and Cartier and has 2 million followers on Instagram.

What is Hellbound based on?
The show is based on the popular Naver Webtoon The Hellbound, which had garnered much attention with writer Choi Gyu-seok of Songgot in charge of the illustrations and director Yeon Sang-ho in charge of writing the story. It is an adaptation of Yeon’s 2003 short animation film The Hell: Two Kinds of Life, which marks his first screenplay writing. It soon became a legendary webtoon with an impressive rating of 9.77. Futabasha, a renowned Japanese webtoon publisher, immediately recognized its potential and bought the Japanese publication rights.

What is the most mysterious fact that emerges from the police investigation?
According to the report, the burnt body that was found near Hapjeong Station in Seoul is not of a living organism. It’s something that doesn’t exist in this world.

Who is Min Hyejin, the lawyer who goes up against The New Truth?
Hyejin is a lawyer at a law firm in Seoul who devotes herself to opposing The New Truth and the Arrowhead, its fanatical followers. She risks great danger in doing so and in actively helping the condemned. In relentlessly investigating Jung Jinsu, she is targeted by the Arrowhead and disappears one day. Four years later, in episode 5, she reemerges and carries out her mission underground through Sodo.

Who is Kim Hyun-joo, the actress who plays Min Hyejin?
Kim Hyun-joo is a 44-year-old triple threat actress with Outstanding Performer awards in all three of the major broadcasting networks – KBS, MBC and SBS. She’s best known for her roles in Glass Slippers (2002), If You Were Me 5 (2011), Shin Suk-ki Blues (2004), Star Runner (2003), Calla (1999) and If It Snows on Christmas (1998).

Why is the second victim Park Jungja sentenced to death and what is special about her case?
According to Jung Jinsu, God doesn’t accept the fact that she has two children from two different men who don’t raise the children with her. The New Truth offers the condemned woman 3 billion Won (2.5 million US$) in exchange for he right to live-broadcast the moment she goes to hell.

What’s Jung Jinsu’s secret?
He received a prophecy 20 years ago. He saw an angel of death who told him: “You will die 20 years from now at 10:30 p.m. You are bound to hell.” Jung Jinsu still doesn’t know the reason: “I’ve done nothing wrong in my life. I believed my mother would come back for me, if I behaved myself and never cried. Why would God do such a strange thing? If there’s no ligitimate reason behind this strange phenomenon, would people be able to accept it?”

Episode 4 takes place four years after the death of Jung Jinsu. Who’s the new main character?
Bae Youngjae is a program director at a broadcasting company filming a documentary on The New Truth. At a meeting, he argues violently with priests of The New Truth who meddle in his work. He follows his indebted co-worker to a fishing dock, where he witnesses how a prophet angel kills his co-worker. A few hours later, his wife who has just given birth to their first child, shows him a video: the newborn is the next target.

Why does The New Truth want to eliminate Sodo?
Sodo is a secret organization that hides those who receive the decree. One of their members, professor Gong Hyeongjun, is killed by the Arrowhead. The head of Sodo is Min Hyejin who used to be a lawyer at Sodo Law Firm.

Who is Song Sohyun, the mother of the baby who is condemned to hell?
Sohyun is Young-jae’s wife who is shocked to witness her baby receive a decree. She is
traumatized to the point where she cannot stand the baby’s crying, and desperate, she seeks
out The New Truth on her own. She and her baby face danger when The New Truth members
see the infant as a threat that undermines their message about divine will.

Who is the director and screenwriter of Hellbound?
Director Yeon Sang-ho’s first feature commercial hit Train to Busan set a new record in the box office with 11,570,000 viewers, and with exposure at the Cannes Film Festival, spurred a K-zombie craze around the globe. The universe he had created in Train to Busan continued in Peninsula, building an empire coined “Yeoniverse” within the film industry. Recently, he penned the screenplay for traditional Korean zombie content dealing with revived corpses in the drama
The Cursed and the film The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey.

What happens in Season 2 of Hellbound?
Park Jungja, the first woman who was killed during a live broadcast and whose skeleton of the upper body was exhibited in a museum, comes back to life.

What does Hellbound mean?
Hellbound means someone who is destined for Hell. In the Netflix show Hellbound, every person who receives a decree (a message from a death angel) will go to Hell.


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