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Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. This quote by Dr Erno Laszlo, a Hungarian dermatologist who launched his own skincare brand in 1927, should be our credo when it comes to skincare routine, especially cleansing. Many women skip it or do it in a hurry. But there’s nothing worse than going to bed without removing make-up or using quickly a cotton pad with some micellar water instead of washing the face with a mild soap and water.

As a beauty editor, I’m aware of the importance of the Japanese or South Korean double or even triple cleansing. I’ve applied it for years and it has become part of my beauty routine, especially in the evening when I get back from work. Cleansing my skin is always the first thing I do when I get home. I always use a cleansing milk or oil to take my make-up off and then a foam or a liquid soap to wash the face.

(Above) Shiseido’s Complete Cleansing Microfoam is the best new facial cleanser 2019.


I’ve always loved cleansing foams and I was really over the moon when I first tried Shiseido’s new Complete Cleansing Microfoam (CHF 57.60). It is by far the best foam I’ve ever used to wash my face. It thoroughly removes long-wearing make-up and impurities, while also moisturizing and refining skin’s texture. It gives maximum cleansing results without drying the skin out.

Formulated with the combined properties of oil and water to create a firm, dense foam, the Cleansing Microfoam allows optimal absorption of benefits and eliminates impurities. It also boosts skin’s moisture, improves its softness and reinforces the defense barrier.

(Above) Soak a cotton pad with Revitalizing Treatment Softener and wipe it over the face.


Cleansing and washing the face with Shiseido’s new microfoam is the first step in my cleansing routine. The second step consists in applying Revitalizing Treatment Softener (CHF 112). More than just a lotion, it boosts skin’s moisture, reinforces its defenses and helps combat the signs of aging.

The softener features rice germ oil that combines various active ingredients found in rice germ. Known for its water-retention and antioxidant properties, it helps to seal in moisture and at the same time to lift away impurities. It also helps to defend the skin and prepares it for the skincare routine that follows.

Each formula of Shiseido’s new skincare duo works on multiple levels – to defend skin against signs of  aging, and to boost skin’s radiance and hydration.

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