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At the source of L’Eau d’Issey, there is a drop. A rare and precious drop. Water, symbolized by its purest form. In 2016, this drop inspired a new era in the olfactory odyssey initiated by Issey Miyake in 1992.  The scent of water, reinvented. The extreme purity of a limpid accord: LEau dIssey Pure Eau de Parfum. 

In 2017, the drop of dew blossomed into a delicate petal brushed by a saline breeze. With LEau dIssey Pure Eau de Toilette, Nature awakens. Spring has come.

Today, Issey Miyake unveils a third moment of complete serenity. With LEau dIssey Pure Nectar de Parfum, the petal turns into a blossoming flower, yielding a drop that captures its purest perfume… its nectar.


Pure Nectar de Parfum has been created by Dominique Ropion and Fanny Bal. “Pear brings freshness to the top notes, but it also adds gustatory elements that work well with rose, since pears and roses have common fragrance components,” they explain. “To express the idea of nectar, we conceived a fleshier, more carnal rose by emphasizing the honeyed facets of rose absolute with honey accord, which introduces a new element in the fragrance.”

Honey brings a gourmand touch yet the fragrance is as limpid as ever. How did they achieve this balance? “To bring transparency to the heart notes, we associated rose absolute with a lily-of-the-valley accord, as well as Rose Essential LMR, a type of extract that combines essential oil with rose water, for its more petally, dewier scent,” the duo says.

I tested Issey Miyake’s new fragrance at Shiseido’s press day in December. Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum is a very elegant and feminine creation. I particularly liked the sandalwood which accents the honeyed effects of the heart notes, while blending with the woody facets.

A bottle in pink and copper: inspired by the shape of a drop, the bottle conceived by American designer Todd Bracher reflects the pureness of the fragrance it contains. The bottle and box take on a pink gold glow, as though they had been brushed with radiant rose nectar.

L’Eau d’Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum will be available from February 2018.

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