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“It’s fascinating how much of our sense of attractiveness and feminine identity is bound up in our hair,” British actress Natalie Dormer once said. How true! Healthy and voluminous hair is what most women dream of. Nevertheless, the quality and volume of your hair depends on your ancestry. It’s in the genes. Therefore, women with thin hair will never have a curly lion’s mane like Beyoncé. But they can have beautiful and healthy hair, a must-have nowadays. Bad hair days are always a nightmare. But how to repair damaged hair?  L’Oréal Professionnel has just launched the Série Expert Inforcer range to combat damaged hair. This new strengthening and anti-breakage hair treatment is precisely dosed in vitamin B6 and Biotin to stop hair breakage. Let’s discover how to repair damaged hair with L’Oréalpro.

(Above) Topmodel Taylor Hill is the testimonial of the Série Expert Inforcer advertising campaign by L’Oréal Professionnel.


L’Oréal Research combined vitamins B6 and B8 with a catatonic agent and created a strengthening formulation that is the foundation of the Série Expert Inforcer range. An essential nutrient, vitamin B6 is well known for its involvement in protein metabolism and energy, playing a beneficial role in hair growth, while B8 (Biotin) is involved in fatty acid metabolism and the synthesis of vitamins B9 and B12; essential components in hair development. The perfect combination that will help strengthen damaged hair that is prone to breakage.

The Inforcer collection is composed of five products, which are recommended for fragile and breaking hair, especially long hair.

The Inforcer shampoo (300ml) strengthens fragile hair. It  is designed to target breakage and split ends, leaving hair soft and healthy.

The Inforcer conditioner (200ml) is designed to target breakage and split ends. With continued use your hair will become more resistant, stronger and easier to brush.

With a Biotin and B6 vitamin-enriched boost, the Inforcer mask (250 ml) is designed to target breakage and split ends, leaving hair soft and healthy. With continued use, Inforcer mask will help your hair become more resistant and stronger.

The Inforcer anti-breakage overnight serum-gel (150ml) is a fast drying, leave in product. It helps to strengthen hair overnight and reduce breakage.

The Inforcer Brush Proof (60ml) is an anti-breakage and detagling spray. Apply it directly on your brush to protect hair from friction and reduce hair breakage during brushing.

I tested the Inforcer shampoo and the Inforcer mask and was happy with the results, even though I have healthy long and thick hair (I have hardly any split ends). The shampoo foams easily, cleanses and nourishes the scalp without irritating it. The mask moisturizes the hair and leaves it soft.

Important: If you notice any hair loss, I strongly advise that you see a dermatologist.

Prices in Switzerland
Inforcer Shampoo: CHF 16. Inforcer Conditioner: CHF 20. Inforcer Mask: CHF 23. Inforcer Serum-Gel: CHF 23. Inforcer Brush Proof: CHF 23.

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