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Testing beauty and medical treatments is part of my job. As a beauty editor, I always want to test a treatment before I write an article about it and recommend it to our readers. I hesitated quite a long time before I tested CoolSculpting. Why? An employee of a beauty clinic told me a year ago that fat freezing hadn’t worked in her case. It wasn’t a Zeltiq machine, but a session cost as much as a Zeltiq session. I opted for CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, because it is approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Needless to say that all the cheap treatments offered in beauty institutes (e. g. for 150 euros) are not approved by any medical organisation. If you’ve ever thought of improving your body shape by using a fat freezing method offered by doctors, I suggest that you read my Review CoolSculpting by Zeltiq first.



I underwent a CoolSculpting treatment at a doctor’s office in Basel, Switzerland. It was a special price with a 20% reduction. In Switzerland, there aren’t many doctors who offer CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. Most of them offer cheaper machines. When I enquired about the treatment, I also spoke to the doctor on the phone who assured that she only worked with the original Zeltiq machine. The doctor’s office is located near Basel’s main station (just a three-minute walk) and also offers Ultherapy and other modern treatments. The doctor was very kind and the huge two-storey doctor’s office was simply amazing. She checked my belly first and said that the small applicator CoolCore was perfect (the big applicator CoolMax would have been too large). Even though I’m slim (I have a body mass index of 20.5) and I work out every week, I wanted to get rid of my belly fat.

The treatment last about 45 minutes and didn’t hurt. I just felt a bit dizzy when the doctor took off the applicator after the session and massaged my belly that was like an ice block and looked malformed.



I asked the doctor if she had tested the treatment herself. She said that she had and that she was very satisfied with the result. I asked her when I would see the first results. She answered: “You’ll see the first results after two months and the best result after four months. I even continued to lose fat after those four months.”

On the official website, Zeltiq writes: “You may start to see changes as quickly as 3 weeks after your treatment, and will experience the most dramatic results after 2 months. Your body will still continue to flush out fat cells for up to 4 to 6 months after treatment.” Zeltiq describes the procedure as follows: “Fat cells that are frozen during the CoolSculpting procedure gradually die off and leave the body through the body’s natural elimination process. That’s why the results are long-term.”

(Above) Jennifer Lopez graces her perfect body, which is certainly not the result of fat freezing but of daily workout.



I had my CoolSculpting treament on 23 February 2018 at a doctor’s office. It was a CoolSculpting treatment by Zeltiq, which is FDA approved. I didn’t put on any weight in the meantime, I ate healthy and worked out as always. I measured my belly circumference every two weeks. Today, three months after the procedure, I’m writing this review as a beauty editor.

Curious to know if my body has freezed any fat? No, it hasn’t. There wasn’t any fat cell loss. I didn’t lose a single centimetre or a single inch of my belly circumference. CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is a big promise, but doesn’t show any of the promised results in my case.

I don’t recommend CoolSculpting or any other fat freezing procedure to anyone. I tested CollScuplting three months ago and I didn’t lose any fat. I should have listened to the employee of a beauty clinic who told me that the fat freezing treatment hadn’t worked in her case.

I’m going to contact Zeltiq for a statement and post it at the end of this article Review CoolSculpting by Zeltiq.

Review CoolSculpting by Zeltiq is an objective review. I paid the treatment myself and didn’t get any special reduction for being a journalist.

Jennifer Lopez photos: Courtesy of Vogue

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