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K-beauty (Korean beauty), famous for its sheet masks and its 10-step skincare routine, has conquered the Western market in recent years. In 2018, however, a new style of beauty has piqued the interest of the West. J-beauty (Japan beauty). This centuries-old beauty routine is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition and focuses on anticipating skin problems by using products that increase the skin’s intrinsic powers, while the cosmetic approach in the West often involves finding a solution to a skin problem that already exists.

Shiseido, Japan’s number one skincare brand, has reinforced its skin defense products with a new range of cleansers and lotions that form part of a ritual that perfectly reflects J-beauty’s unique preventative approach.



Designed according to the Japanese tradition of double cleansing, this line is based on two steps. The first step is a cleanser that removes impurities, which are aggressive on skin. The second step is a lotion that strengthens the skin barrier.

Thanks to Shiseido’s Internal Power Resist technology, this range of two-step cleansers and lotions gets rid of pro-oxidative factors and restores the skin barrier to protect and support the Langerhans cells. These sentinel cells are found in the epidermis and protect the skin against external aggressions by warning the skin’s entire defense system and helping to neutralize these aggressions.

I’ve been using several Shiseido cleansing products for years now and I must admit that they are worth their money. As a beauty editor, I’ve learnt how important cleansing is, not only for the skin’s balance, but also as an anti-ageing method. It’s the basis of your daily skincare routine. You should really invest at least 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening in your perfect daily skin cleansing routine. Many cosmetic brands offer a micellar water or makeup remover wipes to cleanse your skin in 30 seconds. According to my dermatologist, these “express products” should only be used in a case of emergency, e. g. while travelling, and not every day, because they do not replace a 3-step cleansing routine.


The range’s star ingredient, rice germ oil, combines active ingredients that have cleansing as well as antioxidant properties and purify the pores,. This oil seals in the skin’s moisture and creates a more favourable environment for the proper functioning of the skin’s defense system.

Extra Rich Cleansing Milk (125ml, CHF 57.60) for dry skin: This cleanser gently eliminates impurities including oxidised sebum. It also maintains the skin’s moisture for longer and preserves its natural defenses.

Clarifying Cleansing Foam (125ml, CHF 55.80): Designed for all dull and dehydrated skin, it gently eliminates impurities, maintains the skin’s moisture for longer and preserves its natural defenses. By absorbing sebum and getting rid of a build up of dead skin cells, it boosts the skin’s radiance.

Deep Cleansing Foam (125ml, CHF 55.80): Developed for combination to oily skin, which is sometimes prone to blemishes, it eliminates impurities deep down, frees the pores and gets rid of imperfections. It also maintains the skin’s moisture and preserves its natural defenses.


The lotions contain witch hazel extract with powerful antioxidant properties that help to maintain the healthy functioning of Langerhans cells. They also contain an extract from the Mukurossi fruit to inhibit Heparanase enzyme activity, which plays a role in the appearance of wrinkles.

More than just lotions, these anti-ageing skincare products guarantee 24 hours of moisture, while also helping to strengthen the skin, maintain its balance, improve its texture and prevent the first signs of aging.

Treatment Softener (125ml, 73.80): Designed for normal, combination and oily skin, this fresh and lightweight lotion penetrates the outer layers of the epidermis to rehydrate the skin, strengthen its barrier function and support its defense system. Morning and evening, after cleansing, soak a cotton pad with this silky dew and wipe it delicately all over the face to plump up and smooth the skin, while also blurring imperfections and fine lines.

Treatment Softener Enriched (125ml, 73.80): Specifically developed for normal, dry and very dry skin, this fresh and silky lotion saturates the outer layers of the epidermis to rehydrate the skin, strengthen its barrier function and support its defense system.


In Switzerland, Shiseido’s new J-beauty products will be available from September 2018.

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