2020 is a spicy year for French-Korean brand Erborian. The new Red Pepper Skincare line is a great radiance booster for the skin. But what’s the secret behind it? And how can you spice up your life with Erborian?

Peppers are to Korea what baguettes are to France; a type of daily bread. Known for its input in Vitamins C, E, minerals and carotenoids that protect cells from free radicals, peppers are great radiance boosters for the skin.

For skins in need of energy and glow, Erborian has developed its red pepper extract from the pulp of the fruit, making it gentle on the skin and powerful on radiance. It boosts skin’s natural glow. Enzymes get rid of old dead cells, while licorice extracts have a brightening effect.

(Above) Spice up your life with Erborian and the Red Pepper line which features three products.


The fresh texture of the Red Pepper Pulp Radiance Booster Gel Cream with sweet pepper melts on the skin and acts as a daily energizing moisturizer. It contains niacinamide, a B-group vitamin known for its illuminating properties and moisturizing power, as well as hyaluronic acid, which plumps and recharges skin with moisture.

Inspired by the traditional Korean paste, Erborian’s Red Pepper Paste Mask envelops the skin with its incredibly rich, velvety texture, giving an instant feeling of softness and comfort. The skin looks smoother and more even.


Considered the Prince of ingredients in Asia, Sesame is King in Korea where it occupies a place of honor in both holiday recipes and everyday dishes. It’s delectable while offering a boundless reserve of minerals, iron, essential fatty acids and vitamins. Whether as seeds, oil, natural or roasted, sesame is an ally for the body and skin.

Erborian has always chosen high-tech actives, combining them with timeless Korean super-ingredients. The virtues of this beauty seed have been recognized for centuries. And precious sesame milk – extracted from freshly crushed seeds – is at the heart of Erborian’s latest Milk & Peel formula.

The creamy formula of the new Milk & Peel Resurfacing Mask combines sesame milk exfoliating enzymes and is enriched with sesame oil, strengthened by essential fatty acids to help nourish the skin. The peeling mask helps to smooth skin’s texture, revive skin’s radiance and lift away dullness.


The yuzu is a rare fruit whose subtle flavor, with hints of lime, grapefruit and zesty mandarin orange, has made it a favorite with chefs all over the world. But did you know that it’s also bursting with vitamins?

Greatly valued in Korea, this fruit, which contains antioxidant and hydrating properties as well as vitamin C and polyphenols, lies at the heart of all the products in the Yuza skincare range. Erborian’s Yuza formulas are like shots of energy: they moisturize the skin and seem to give it a boost. They’re just what you need as winter approaches, to perk up dull and lackluster skin. This energy skincare range was specially designed to fight dehydration and help skin to feel protected against harsh environmental elements.

Yuza Vitamin Mask helps to revitalise tired complexion and strengthen the skin. It is enriched with Yuzu extract, an ingredient renowned for its moisturising and antioxidant properties, combined with highly nourishing Yuzu seed oil. This oil acts as a nutritive reinforcement for the skin’s barrier and protects against environmental stresses.

You can either use the product as an express mask or a night mask. I prefer to use it as a night mask whenever my skin feels a little bit dry. The result is amazing. The next morning, the skin feels soft, intensely hydrated and radiant!


A few months ago, I wrote a review (link) about Erborian’s bestseller: the BB Cream. It is easy and pleasant to apply, while providing a beautiful baby skin effect. Ten years after the launch of the BB Cream, Erborian introduces BB Crayon, a skincare stick that improves skin texture, smooths irregularities and provides good moisturization thanks to ginseng.

As a concealer, eyeshadow base, touch up or all over stick, BB Crayon is universal, multi-purpose, easy to apply and wear.

In Switzerland, you can buy Erborian products at Manor, Apo24 and Haar-Shop.

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