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When he was asked by a journalist if he used to wear a watch, Fawaz Gruosi, founder of De Grisogono, said in an interview with the German newspaper FAZ: “Yes, the classic New Retro. I presented it at Baselworld 2015 and I still like it very much.” A new interpretation of the New Retro is a highlight of De Grisogono’s timepieces that were presented at Baselworld in March 2018.



Allegra 25 is a magnificent jewellery timepiece and Cascata a gemset splendour. New Retro Double Jeu and New Retro Power Reserve are a feminine and masculine narrative that honour the past and create the future.



Allegra, a collection launched 25 years ago, is named after Fawaz Gruosi’s daughter. The Allegra 25 jewellery timepiece features a woven gold ribbon graced with delicately interlacing circles that elegantly create a flowing visual effect and provide tantalising glimmers of light through tiny gaps. A subtle play on volume, contrast and perspectives reveals 29 polished or diamond-set rings entwined around the dial at 3 and 9 o’clock.

The offset mother-of-pearl or diamond-pavé dial is the shimmering face of a 41.7mm jewellery timepiece combining the radiance of gold with the magnetic appeal exuded by 4.30 carats of alternately snow-set and bezel-set gems.


The New Retro Double Jeu diverts the primary purpose of the oscillating weight. While this watch is driven by a quartz movement and the dial provides a dual display – in a rectangular sapphire format and in a circular format – either flinqué or snowset, held by four rhodium-plated anthracite bridges –, the gaze is drawn to the profile-turned outlines of a half-moon oscillating weight. With each flick of the wrist, and when the oscillating weight has performed one rotation, the dial suddenly springs to life. On either side of the dial, the stylised 3 and 9 o’clock Arabic numerals set with 62 diamonds pivot reveal different colours on the front and back: brown and white diamonds for the pink gold model; and white and black diamonds for white gold.



The strength of the New Retro Power Reserve lies in its original stage-setting. It is elegantly and soberly paired with this form movement specifically developed to equip its rectangular case. The in-line calibre is naturally skeletonised so as to reveal the exquisite delicacy of its finishing. This sophisticated mechanism can be admired through the openworking, held by stylised anthracite rhodium-plated bridges with a structure subtly reminiscent of the radiator grilles on vintage cars. From the circular satin-brushed gear train to the sunburst ratchet wheel and the sandblasted mainplate and bridges, ultimate refinement is visible in each and every detail. The New Retro Power Reserve reveals its 48-hour power-reserve gauge at 12 o’clock.


The secret of this luxury timepiece lies in a gemset gold wire structure that brings the silhouette of the watch to life. Evoking a stream of precious stones, Cascata features dainty prongs paved with 126 brilliant-cut diamonds bearing the 72 oval-cut stones composing the exquisitely hemmed watch bezel. The prongs dominate and punctuate a torrent of gems totalling more than 30 carats, forming a subtly graduated flow that in turn traces the oval shape of the watch and reveals a dial snow-set with 148 stones.

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