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City life can put your skin at a major disadvantage by dulling its tone, clogging pores and causing breakouts. The causes are not always easily spotted in the urban jungle. Toxins – city skin’s leading troublemaker – can be the result of the effects of smog and environmental pollutants, stress in the workplace, and unfavourable lifestyle choices (such as a fast-food diet and too little sleep). That’s why researchers have developped Detoxilyn anti-pollution skincare By Terry to fight them. It counteracts the effects of toxins on the skin and stimulates the epidermis’s natural defense mechanisms to ensure optimal functioning.

By Terry’s new Cellularose Detoxilyn skincare products contain alpin rose stem cells with enhanced effectiveness for 100% detoxifying superpower. They activate energy production, protect the epidermis by fighting free radicals and improve cells respiration.

During the day, this complex protects the epidermis from pollution. At night, it stimulates cellular regeneration and the elimination of toxins.




Detoxifying Aqua Primer: It feels like a toner with the lightness of water, yet with the intensive power of a serum. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, this primer essence prepares all skin types to receive the following care, while instantly drenching the skin with hydration, and infusing it with freshness and energy.

The Detoxifying Defense Concentrate ensures daily cellular neutralization and complete elimination of toxins from the skin. Applied morning and evening to the face, neck and décolleté, this silken formula, detoxifies and rebalances skin, leaving it visibly repaired and revitalized.

The Detoxifying Defense Cream melts into skin to deliver daily protection and complete defense against urban stress.

Within seconds of being applied to the face,  effervescent micro-bubbles of the Detoxifying Fizzing Mask start to “crackle” and build into a lush foam that re-oxygenates the skin, and rids it of damaging toxins.


I haven’t tested the Detoxilyn products yet, but I’ve been using By Terry skincare and make-up products for years. It is one of my favourite luxury cosmetics brands.


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