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A gentle foaming cleanser with a creamy texture, an emergency mask for dry skin and a luxurious hydrating hand cream: Sisley’s new skincare products for winter 2019 leave your skin soft and nourished – at home, during your ski holiday or under the Caribbean sun at Christmas.


Throughout the day, the skin is subjected to many aggressions like sun, pollution and the wind. By the evening, it is suffocated by impurities, excess sebum, urban pollution and dead skin cells, which dull the complexion. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse, remove make-up and traces of pollution from the skin every evening to preserve its youth and radiance.

According to dermatologists, you should avoid make-up remover wipes and micellar water in your daily evening beauty routine. They should only be used in case of necessity, e. g. when you’re travelling. Why? Because they don’t replace a deep cleasing of your face with a make-up remover, a foam and water.

Sisley’s Radiance Foaming Cream (Mousse Crème Éclat) has a lightweight, creamy texture that leaves skin purified, refreshed and soft. Initially dense, it transforms when applied and massaged into the face to become a very soft, rich cream. One or two pumps provide sufficient product to massage the face. Rinse off thoroughly with water once the product has transformed. Intended for all skin types including sensitive skin, this new cleansing make-up remover is formulated with soothing and moisturizing agents to keep skin supple and soft after rinsing.

Review Radiance Foaming Cream: The gentle foam has been part of my daily beauty routine for three weeks. It’s really a great product. I use it in the morning and, in a more generous quantitiy, in the evening, when it is part of my Japanese double cleansing. It takes off my make-up, cleanses it and leaves my skin soft and hydrated.

(Above) Sisley’s new cleanser and foaming cream prepares your skin for the next steps in your daily beauty routine.


Wind, cold and stress are all factors that can cause occasional dryness of the skin. If you’re looking for a product that immediately provides intensive soothing benefits, you should try Sisley’s new Velvet Sleeping Mask.

The protective mask helps dry skin repair and regenerate itself at the most appropriate time: overnight. Upon awakening, skin is revitalised, stronger and more resistant. It can also be applied as an emergency mask in a thick layer on the face and neck and left on for 10 minutes.

Velvet Sleeping Mask contains three main ingredients: extract of Saffron flowers, the leading, super-soothing active ingredient of the range, brings the skin absolute comfort. Thyme Honey, a new Sisley active ingredient, combines the benefits of both honey and thyme to regenerate the skin. Shea butter, an active ingredient with nourishing and soothing properties, repairs skin damage due to external aggressions.


Well-manicured nails and beautiful hands are a must-have nowadays, not only for beauty editors and fashionistas. You show them at work, at a meeting, at lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, hands are often dry due to the cold, everyday aggressions and the dehydrating effects of the wind, sun, water, detergents and repeated nail polish application.

If you want to take care of your hands and pamper them with special care, check out Sisley’s new Restorative Hand Cream (Hydrating Skin & Nail Care). Its intensive formula soothes, repairs and rehydrates the driest of hands and strengthens damaged or neglected nails.

Shea oil helps to keep hands soft, supple and comfortable, while Harpagophytum extract soothes the skin. Although light in consistency, the hand cream’s texture is nourishing enough to provide instant comfort. The product dries to a non-sticky finish that doesn’t leave a greasy film.

A good hand cream is a must-have in winter and a handbag essential all year round.

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