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“I love fairytales that portray strong heroines who take their destinies into their own hands, showing their courage and cunning,” says Valérie Messika, founder of the Parisian Maison Messika. “Rediscovering the beautifully-illustrated books of Gustave Doré, Kay Nielsen and, in particular, Edmond Dulac, I had the opportunity of observing, through adult eyes, the pages that had formed my dreams as a child. And because high jewelry is really about transposing dreams of little girls who’ve now grown up, I’ve created a fairytale collection of 22 exceptional pieces, combining freedom of movement with visual magnificence.

(Above) Russian topmodel Sasha Pivovarova for Messika high jewelry wearing The Eternal Soul Necklace inspired by The Little Mermaid. Evoking the flow of a mermaid’s dress tail, Valérie Messika has created the most majestic necklace in her high jewelry collection. She juxtaposes threads of emerald-cut diamonds in this masterful composition. A 5.01ct emerald-cut diamond reigns in the centre of this phantasmagoric piece, whose creation required some 2000 hours of painstaking artistry in the Messika workshop.


Although inspired by the princesses of the past, Messika’s high jewelry collection 2018 takes on an almost futuristic allure when worn by Russian topmodel Sasha Pivovarova (33). A global icon with striking features, she represents Valérie Messika’s vision of a modern day heroine perfectly.

(Above) The Arabian Nights: Kashmir. Inspired by the flowing movements of precious fabrics, Valérie Messika has brought to life a stole of oval-cut diamonds. The necklace is accentuated by the addition of an Xct trilliant-cut diamond set on the side, creating the appearance of a brooch holding the folds of material in place. Continuing the structured style, this necklace is accompanied by a bracelet, two pairs of earrings and a two-finger ring.

(Above) Snow Queen: Shards of Mirror. This sumptuous plastron necklace overflowing unveils the raw power of the Snow Queen.  It evokes the image of the frozen lake shattered into a thousand pieces by the Snow Queen’s fury. The 95 perfectly symmetrical pear-cut diamonds face one another without ever touching. At the heart of  this harmonious composition of lines of diamonds, a trio of free-moving 3.42ct pear-shaped stones reigns over the piece with a watchful eye. Complementing this dazzling plastron necklace are two pairs of earrings, one of which is asymmetrical, and a three-finger ring.

Photos: Katja Rahlwes for Messika

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