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Serge Lutens is one of the world’s most renowned master perfumers. His perfumes are sophisticated, yet not easy to understand for beginners. A woman who wears an eau de parfum by Serge Lutens is strong, independent and mysterious. She collects Serge Lutens creations as if they were jewels. Her latest gem? A new perfume, Serge Lutens Le Participe Passé, tells the story of a past that invites itself into the present.



Not much time separates this moment from that in the past when, rather than displaying a shot on a mobile screen, a photograph was passed from hand to hand in chemicals bath before it was seen. The continuation or not of the operation resulted from the desired exposure on film. Using a projector, in order to render the inverted values on the negative, what it was bound, before reading, to return to its original meaning, was projected on white paper. The paper was blank and, before it was drowned in the de veloper, silent.

Yet it is from this drowning at the bottom of a bath, under slightly shaken chemical liquid, that from the proof slowly rises the image. Only it does not grant the photographer his first vision. On this condition only will he fish out the proof again to submerge it in a fixing bath.

Whether the photo is framed in wood, placed on a bedside table, hammered into a wall, or in order to keep the memory of those who are not yet underground, it is screwed into marble above an epitaph, it is not my purpose. If this warning or joke answers some of the questions you might have about a past that invites itself into the present, so much the better! On the other hand, if provided with the words (or their second meaning) shoots, mobile, reading, projection, inverted values, negative, revealing, immersion, proof, image, print or fixing, it did not summon from your experience what manifests itself in the present, it would be necessary to increase the length of the page in my notebook, because the one it grants me is not enough to contain it.

Le Participe Passé is a new oriental fragrance for men and women. It features Egyptian balsam, resin and fruity notes. I’d rather recommend it for fall or winter. If you loved Chêne by Serge Lutens with its oak woody note, you’ll probably fall for Le Participe Passé.

Le Participe Passé, the new eau de parfum of the Serge Lutens Black Collection (Collection Noire), is available from September 2018. Retail price: CH 224


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