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French perfumer Serge Lutens has just launched Section d’Or, a new luxury perfume collection featuring six exclusive fragrances.

I love the poetic names of the six perfumes: L’haleine des dieux (the breath of the Gods), Sidi Bel-Abbès (a city in northwestern Algeria), Cracheuse de flammes (female fire-eater), Renard constrictor (fox constrictor), Cannibale (cannibal), L’incendiaire (the arsonist; this perfume was already launched last year).

The perfumes are available from June 15th at the Serge Lutens’ shop in the Palais Royal in Paris, and from September 2015 in selective perfumeries and department stores.

In Switzerland, the Section d’Or collection is available at Globus Lausanne and Geneva as well as at Jelmoli in Zurich. Price: CHF 545

Serge Lutens never reveals the ingredients of his perfumes. He just published the following poetic statement:

“Just short of indignity, each time I am faced with a label, there is a line my cautious laughter is loathed to cross, an implicit limit to my violence. And at this line a dictator stands. And this unequivocal tyrant, dependent on all my conditions and the sole vehicle for my rage, is called Fear; it puts up the defenses. And slapping down the labels and feminine roles it perpetuates there is an irrepressible part of my being which cannot contemplate battling against them. They are impregnable.

The images which represent them never come into question. My jubilant female demons shatter, their suicide on the tip of my tongue. My heroines arrive in the world, borne by my shadow and spawned in all the terror. I compare their rise to the rising of a soufflé. They are initially stifled by the breath of their creator and then, after a moment of hesitation, expand beyond capacity. We can see, in the depths of the now-redundant vessel, the idea of moving beyond limits infers the, not any less attractive, prospect of failure.

Without a raising agent, bread does not rise, and in return the baker receives a slap on his tense cheek, unexpected but not entirely unwanted. In short, to a grimacing Life, Death’s mirror returns a smile.”



L’HALEINE DES DIEUX (50ml – 550 euros)

serge-lutens-haleine-des-dieuxLA CRACHEUSE DE FLAMMES (50ml – 600 euros)






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