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I had the pleasure of attending Valmont’s press conference at the 5-star hotel Kempinski in Geneva at the end of June 2016. We were served delicious detox juices to recharge our batteries for the presentation of their new product DETO2X Cream.

Valmont provides a new cutting-edge solution for skin exposed to urban lifestyle, worsening air quality and recurrent pollution which cause a dull complexion, excess sebum and a decline in antioxidant defenses. Moreover, lack of oxygen in the cells speeds up the aging process.


Valmont’s new DETO2X cream envelops the skin in a sensual cocoon and reinvigorates it with energy. The airy texture changes over time, recreating its delicate veil on the skin’s surface to offer the epidermis a healthy dose of oxygen.

The cream acts on three stages:

1. Valmont’s oxygenating O2 Complex starts by regenerating cell life, injecting a dose of oxygen into the heart of the cells.

2. It eliminates CO2 and promotes oxygen circulation.

3. Swiss apple stem-cell extract activate cell reproduction. The Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple is renowned for its remarkable qualities of preservation, defying the passing months by maintaining its smooth, plump, firm and rounded form. Valmont extracts the essence of the Swiss apple, using its stem cells to complement the effects of DETO2X Cream.

Valmont’s DETO2X Cream will be available from mid-september 2016. Price: 248 Swiss francs (45 ml)

I’ve just started to test DETO2X. Curious to know the result? The Fall/Winter 2016 issue of VERTIGO Luxury Magazine will reveal it. Don’t miss it!



I’ve been testing the Valmont Deto2X Cream for two months now. Autumn is the perfect time to test it, given the fact that I was looking for a more nutrient cream (I have a combination skin with dry cheeks and a dry forehead).

When I apply the cream, it always reminds me of a delicate yoghurt mousse. The smell is wonderful. At the beginning I had the tendency to apply too much of this cream. You don’t have to apply a big amount, because the cream is quite rich. I suggest that you always use a serum before applying the Deto2X Cream.

If you have dry skin or combination skin with dry parts of the skin like me, I recommend that you always use this cream in combination with a good hydrating serum or that you alter this cream with a hydrating night cream (e. g. use Deto2x Cream during the day and another hydrating cream at night). It is November now and I’ve noticed that since I started using this new cream, I need a special hydrating serum for the cheeks and the forehead.

If you use a foundation over the cream, make sure that it has a certain consistency (it shouldn’t be too fluid). Make-up works fine on the cream, even though you will have to use a face powder and reapply it after a few hours – which is normal with anti-aging creams.

The skin feels good. I never had any bad reactions or breakouts with this cream.


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