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Swiss luxury skincare brand Valmont invited me to the press event of their new anti-aging products, which took place on 9 February 2017 at the Grieder Bar in Zurich. While we journalists drank Rosé Champagne and eat delicious strawberry and vanilla macarons and cupcakes, Sophie Guillon, Valmont’s Chief Operating Manager, presented two new anti-aging creams and three new haircare products which will be launched in March and May 2017.


Environmental factors, slow down of the collagen production, oxidative damage, sun exposure: The beauty of the complexion is threatened and skin aging accelerates.

As a response to all these signs of skin aging, Valmont has created the Perfection range, an essential anti-age solution which fights multiple aging factors. With seven complementary, highly essential actions, Valmont provides a multi-faceted solution to skin aging. Perfection by Valmont firms the skin with its pro-collagen action, it hydrates the skin for plumper features, nourishes the epidermis for unique comfort, strengthens the skin’s defences with its anti-oxidant action, repairs the epidermis after everyday attacks, protects the skin from sun exposure with a new SPF and enhances the skin with a silky texture and a subtle pigmentation.



This new anti-aging cream fights against all the factors of skin aging, both intrinsic and environmental. This smart all-in-one treatment for women on-the-go offers even more protection with SPF 30/ PA+++. A lightly tinted, delicate second skin. A silky texture that comes in three shades.

Just Time Perfection by Valmont will be available from March 2017. Price: CHF 200 (30ml)



Valmont goes even further with Restoring Perfection, offering an unequalled shield protecting against photo-aging. Restoring Perfection, which provides deep hydration and nutrition, has a complete PA++++/SPF50 filter complex, fighting all rays which may damage the skin (UVA-UVB). Light and bright, it beautifies the skin with its formula enriched with iridescent pigments.

Restoring Perfection by Valmont will be available from March 2017. Price: CHF 200 (30ml)
The three new hair products (Beautifying Mist, Stimulating Scalp Booster and Rescuing Oil) will be launched in May 2017.


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