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A tribute to William Shakespeare, Giuseppe Verdi and a tragic hero: Othello by Il Profvmo is a a powerful and refined fragrance, the first opus of an olfactory trilogy based on an original idea by Didier Guillon, artistic director of Valmont Group.

Othello – Definitiva Passione is like an opera that mixes love and madness: a game of contrasts in which I expressed all my audacity, a fragrance in which love is thrusted into what is most sublime and… what is darkest, winning over all and everything, in life as in death,” says Silvana Casoli, creator of Il Profvmo, an Italian luxury perfume brand.

Like an immersion into the mist of the soul, with Othello, the Moor of Venice, Shakespeare offers an extraordinary exploration of passion – when love becomes an uncontrollable weapon. Othello, the lover whose love consumes him like a burning bush, destroying in his madness everything dear to him.



The ardent, sensual elixir Othello reveals its dramatic quality in three acts.

Accompanied by fresh notes of Moroccan mandarin and Sicilian lemon, passionfruit from Brazil imparts an aura and singular depth on this olfactory jewel.

The freshness continues in the second act, where floral and woody heart notes bring body to the composition. Sage from Greece affirms its Mediterranean flavors while accents of vetiver and silver birch reveal the freshness of undergrowth. Almost like the recollection of pure and innocent Desdemona, Italian moonflower unveils its rounded, milky scents at the heart of this composition.

In a glorious final bouquet, oriental opulence makes its majestic entrance, with gushing notes of patchouli and a touch of oud, which brings all its depth to the fragrance. The embodiment of this amorous mist rises from fumes of incense from Oman, shrouding the composition in mystery and darkness.

On a carnal, obsessional base, rose honey exalts its lascivious sensuality. Finally, like a symbol of the indestructible link of love, ivy closes this composition on a lasting and bewitching note.

In Switzerland, you can buy Othello Eau de P arfum at the Valmont counters in Geneva (Bongénie Grieder), Zurich (Globus) and Lausanne (Bongénie Grieder).Price: CHF 139 (50 ml) and CHF 189 (100 ml).




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