The first signs of ageing are often observed in the eye area, where the skin is thinner and more prone to laxity and developing fine lines and wrinkles. There is also the issue of dark circles and puffiness that can be a result of stress or lack of sleep. The good news is that there are several ways to prevent damage to the skin around your eyes, especially under the eyes, even though in some cases, e. g. drooping eyelids or heavy bags under the eyes, surgery is the only solution.

British dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting gives four tipps for the sensitive area around the eyes: Never forget to gently remove your eye make-up in the evening. Use a cotton pad and leave it on your eyes for about 15 seconds. Afterwards, apply a good long-lasting moisturizer around the eyes. Always apply sunscreen after your moisturizer. That is the main key to preventing wrinkles and spots, which will make you look older. If you want to cover spots or dark circles, use a concealer


If you’re looking for a a good serum and eye cream to prevent and reduce eye wrinkles around the eyes, check out the latest produtcs by Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido.

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate

Shiseido’s new Eye Concentrate reduces the effect of friction damage by 30% and improves skin condition. It counteracts damage and accelerated signs of aging that can be caused by rubbing and intensive make-up removal.

Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate also helps to target roughness, dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles appearance and loss of firmness — the five key problems that affect the eye contour and appearance. Use the concentrate on its own or as a duo: Apply it morning and evening to clean skin. One pump should cover the entire eye contour area. To amplify the effectiveness, combine it with another Shiseido anti-aging eye treatment, especially Benefiance Eye Cream.

Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream

This advanced for­mula acts on six types of wrinkles that appear on fragile eye-area skin, including stress wrinkles – the numerous small lines caused by the facial expressions people typically make when they feel stressed out.

Infused with super hyaluronic acid, this luxurious gel-cream instantly brightens skin around the eyes and provides moisture.

Just before applying your SPF and make-up in the morning, apply a small amount of cream around each eye. Smooth under the eyes, at the outer corners, on the eyelids, as well as in the space between the eyebrows. Gently massage into the skin.

Waso Shiseido Eye Opening Essence

Ready to awaken your tired-looking eye area? Waso Eye Opening Essence has a snow-like texture that imparts an instant cooling sensation, reduces puffiness and improves the look of tired eyes. This fast-absorbing formula also delivers a fresh burst of moisture.  

The gentle formula features four key ingredients. 1. Zingiberaceae extract, an Indonesian medicinal herb. 2. Carrot root protoplast, which contributes to healthy looking skin. 3. Clarity boosting agent, an antioxidant that addresses dullness and improves the appearance of dark circles. 4. Color Correcting Pearl Agent, a pearly element that addresses bluish dark circles around the eyes by color correction.

In Switzerland, Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate was launched at the beginning of July 2019. The two new eye creams will be launched at the beginning of September.

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