A precious lipstick collection in a jewellery box: KissKiss Paris Palette by Guerlain is the most beautiful lipstick palette I’ve seen in the last few years. It reminds me of the beauty ritual of the geishas and the art of layering colours.

The KissKiss Paris Palette by Guerlain comes in two complementary harmonies: the Passionate Kiss reds (01) and the Romantic Kiss nude pinks (02). With both matte palettes, you can either use each colour individually or mix them and create new shades.



A jewellery box: A luxurious black lacquer case conceals two brushes: a foam brush for the base, and a double-ended brush with a bevelled end for drawing and another for smoothing.

Addictive and sensual, the primer and the three creamy textures allow you to enhance your lips, to define the lip contour and to apply complementary colours for a luscious smile and passionate kisses!

(Above) My favourite colour combination: KissKiss Paris Palette by Guerlain in 01 Passionate Kiss

(Above) KissKiss Paris Palette by Guerlain in 02 Romantic Kiss

Curious to know more about Guerlain’s Fall 2017 make-up collection? This fall, Guerlain is launching a series of magnificent lipsticks. As though enhanced by a Photoshop filter, the lips are intense, powerful, deeply pigmented and hydrated. Read VERTIGO’s article on the new lipstick collection.

Photos: Courtesy of Guerlain and Vogue Spain

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