Yolanda Di Mambro is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of VERTIGO Magazine. After studying translation and interpreting in Zurich and Paris, she travelled the world and attended courses in photography, history of fashion, make-up, modern art and culture. In 2012 she launched her first online magazine. In February 2014 she launched VERTIGO, a collector's print bookazine that focuses on fashion photography specials, haute couture, design, exclusive interviews, high perfumery, high jewelry, travel and culture. VERTIGO Mag, her third publication, is an online magazine that is read in more than 150 countries. It focuses on film, actors, couture, prêt-à-porter, photography, beauty, luxury, travel and exclusive interviews. The top 15 of VERTIGO Mag's online readers in 2020: 1. USA, 2. United Kingdom, 3. India, 4. Germany, 5. Canada, 6. Australia, 7. Italy, 8. Switzerland, 9. Philippines, 10. Netherlands, 11. France, 12. Greece, 13. Sweden, 14. Spain, 15. Brazil. In 2021 VERTIGO will produce a series of videos.


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