Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off. But what’s considered the perfect hair crown? Long, voluminous, shiny and silky hair. It’s been associated with the idea of beauty for ages – from Hollywood to Bollywood. But for most women, beautiful hair remains a dream, because it’s difficult to achieve. The longer your hair, the more you have to take care of it. The same applies to dry and coloured hair.

Damaged hair is a universal concern for men and women. Many factors can alter the hair fibre and cause its deep lipid content to deteriorate. They can be linked to external factors such as stress, pollution, fatigue and chemical treatments or can be due to the hair’s nature, for instance dry, curly, wavy or afro hair. As a result, the hair is more prone to breakage, lacks lipids, becomes coarse, loses its shine and forms split ends.


I have long, wavy hair and its styling and maintenance requires serious work, believe me. Two hours before washing my hair, I often apply olive oil on hair lengths and ends to moisturize them. My hairdresser always says that she notices the difference when she brushes my hair.

When Sisley sent me its new Hair Rituel Restructuring Nourishing Balm, I couldn’t wait to test it. Would it be better than the traditional olive oil mask?

Sisley presents the new haircare product as a highly lipid-replenishing pre-shampoo balm to intensely care for damaged, dehydrated hair. The formula consists of an intensely nourishing complex particularly concentrated in natural oils (shea, macadamia, babassu, moringa and meadowfoam seed oils). These oils provide a complementary action on three levels to treat, regenerate and enhance the hair fibre.

Like the skin, the hair fibre is covered by a hydrolipidic film known as the “F layer” (fatty layer), which is predominantly comprised of fatty acid 18-MEA. Once damaged, this film is not renewed. To counteract this phenomenon, Sisley has incorporated this major active ingredient, which targets the damaged portions of the cuticle and strengthens the hair’s protective barrier to repair the hair fibre.


I used Sisley’s Hair Rituel Restructuring Nourishing Balm as a night treatment. Therefore, I applied it on three quarters of my hair (lengths and ends) before going to bed. Upon contact with my hands, the initially solid balm transformed into an oil that glided onto my dry hair. The texture was absorbed by the dry hair, enveloping it in fresh notes.

The next morning, I rinsed off the rich melt-in-texture that had become a nourishing oil and washed my hair with a shampoo. The balm made quite a difference on my long, dry hair. It provided deep hydration, softness and suppleness. I really liked the way it nourished my hair. It also felt more hydrated when I touched my hair (first wet and later dry). Therefore, I will certainly continue to use Sisley’s pre-shampoo balm to provide my long hair with a cocktail of high-quality oils and to restructure it to resist breakage and split ends.

You can also use Sisley’s new balm as an express treatment and leave it on your hair for only 30 minutes. In that case it nourishes the hair, leaves it suppler and tames the frizz. But I prefer the eight hour treatment, because the night-time provides an ideal window during which active ingredients can have a longer and deeper action, thereby encouraging intense hair repair.

In the last two years, I tested various Sisley Hair Rituel products, but in my opinion, the new Restructuring Nourishing Balm (Baume Restructurant Nourissant in French) is definitely one of the most amazing haircare products I’ve tested in the last two years. Therefore, I’m really happy that I tested Sisley’s best hair product. It was really worth it!

(Above) Hair Rituel by Sisley is a range of 12 luxury beauty products for the hair.


For those of you who do not only wish to restore their hair’s vitality, but also their skin’s vitality, Sisley has created Sisleÿa La Cure, a four-week programme that reactivates the cells’ vital energy and restores skin’s quality and radiance.

Sisley Laboratories have drawn on a major scientific discovery revealed by the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016: the cells’ incredible biological ability to ensure their survival. Mitochondria are components found at the heart of skin cells. They are the predominant source of the cell’s energy and convert the substances ingested through the diet into energy that can be used by the body.

It takes four weeks for skin renewal to take place – Sisleÿa La Cure has therefore been programmed to last the exact same time to restart the skin’s vital mechanisms and ensure a real upsurge in the results obtained. Each week, each of the four bottles of the energy-saturated treatment unlocks the mechanisms that allow the skin to renew and regenerate itself by acting gradually to restore its quintessential youth potential.

Sisley’s new products will be available from 7 September 2020.

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