“Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression,” Carolyn Aronson once said. How true! Whether you wear long hair, short hair, braids or a pony tail: your hair is part of your personality. Hairstyles are always a matter of personal taste, but everyone agrees that hair is only beautiful if it’s healthy and if it shines. If you’re still looking for highly effective hair products, take a look at a new haircare collection made in France. Sisley Paris launches luxury haircare products that are designed to care exclusively for the scalp and hair fibre. Six essential treatment products create a complete, sensorial beauty ritual for both women and men.

The collection features a Revitalizing Volumizing Shampoo, a Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo, a Restructuring Conditioner, a Regenerating Hair Care Mask, a Revitalizing Fortifying Serum and a Precious Hair Care Oil.

The six products are formulated with a powerful concentration of botanical extracts and essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. These ingredients energise the hair bulb and restructure the hair fibre.


The collection Hair Rituel by Sisley treats both of the main components of the hair: the living part – the hair bulb – and the visible part – the hair fibre. The new products energise the hair bulb and restructure the hair fibre. But how exactly do they treat the scalp and the hair fibre?

The condition of the hair depends directly on the scalp, which is irrigated by a multitude of small blood vessels that provide all the nutrients needed for hair growth. To repair the hair follicle, Sisley Research has formulated its products with a vitalising-fortifying complex (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivative) and Arginine (one of the twenty main natural amino acids that make up proteins, particularly keratin) to promote hair vitality. Rice proteins and a Vitamin Peptide to densify the hair fibre. An extract of Linseed and Einkorn wheat to protect the hair’s natural colour. Soothing Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin and an extract of Sage.

The hair fibre, the visible part of the hair, is primarily made up of keratin, which gives it resistance and elasticity. With a restructuring complex composed of a Ceramides-like active ingredient and Cotton proteins, the hair fibre gets stronger. This complex is combined with softening, nourishing, revitalising, and moisturising oils to smooth the cuticle of the hair fibre and make hair shiny.

Price: conditioner CHF 69, shampoos CHF 75, mask CHF 94, hair oil CHF 100, serum CHF 188.


Curious to know more about Hair Rituel by Sisley? I’m going to test three products and publish a new article in a few days.

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