“Having beautiful skin is a state of mind, it helps lift the spirits and improves the deep sense of self,” says Isabelle d’Ornano, co-founder of Sisley Paris. I had the honour to meet her in January 2014 in the sumptuous apartment of the d’Ornano family in Paris. I was impressed by her kindness, vitality and elegance. Three years later, Isabelle d’Ornano amazed me once again when she announced the opening of La Maison Sisley in February 2017. A business trip to Paris in October was the perfect occasion to discover the new Sisley universe. Therefore, I tested la Maison Sisley in Paris to present it to our online readers. Curious to discover this amazing new place? Follow me …

Beauty, luxury and and design at its best: La Maison Sisley in Paris.

The Sisley House of Beauty is located at 5 avenue de Friedland, in the centre of Paris’ 8th district and just minutes away from the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Élysées. Beauty, style and artistic richness invite you to discover the spirit of Sisley, a world-renowned French brand founded in 1976. The Maison Sisley also reflects the artistic and cultural inspiration of the d’Ornano family, who contributed personal objects to complement the works by interior designers.

The Sisley Café. Reserved exclusively for beauty salon clients, this intimate, cosy space was designed by Isabelle d’Ornano to be like a secret café.


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in October. After interviewing a French actor for VERTIGO Magazine, I took a taxi to get to the 8th arrondissement. When I entered the Maison Sisley, I felt like Alice in Wonderland. The light blue walls, the big spaces, the beautiful light and the refined interior decoration had a soothing effect on me. I felt like in a private luxury apartment.

The 360 m2 space is divided into four areas. The boutique, the lounge, the café and the treatment rooms. At the boutique, I was welcomed by Manon, a very kind and professional beautician. I had a seat and answered a few questions after choosing a special body treatment called Le soin énergisant (Energizing Treatment). Manon then accompanied me to a treatment room, where she dimmed the light and lit a perfumed Sisly candle I had previously chosen. The treatment was excellent. Based on an energetic rhythm comprising deep and sustained pressure applied in harmony with my breathing, this treatment restored my body’s vitality while toning, stimulating and energizing the skin. At the end of the treatment, Manon applied a moisturizing body lotion of my favourite Sisley fragrance: Soir de Lune. The Energizing Treatment is available in two versions: 1 hour/€170 or 90 minutes/€240.

Enjoying some lemon tea and browsing through a book in the Lounge. The Jetlag sofa was designed by India Mahdavi, the other works of art have been specially chosen for the space.


The Lounge (above) is the most personal part of the establishment. Isabelle d’Ornano wanted it to be like a small, private living room she could feel at home in. The floor is covered with a handwoven Indian rug made of wool and silk, and the Moon light fixture by Dimore Studio in Milan hangs from the ceiling.

The boutique is a 70 m2 space where the world of art meets treatments, beauty, make-up and perfume. A fragrance bar has been designed exclusively for this boutique, as have the furnishings.

I had my body treatment in this room. The suspended, lit ceilings of the treatment rooms depict Ginkgo biloba leaves, one of Sisley’s emblematic ingredients found in many products. The image is backlit with LEDS that can be dimmed.

The cosy lady’s room where guests can perfume themselves with a Sisley fragrance.
Isabelle and her daughter Christine d’Ornano designed the Maison Sisley to be a place where visual harmony is key.
Combine your next trip to Paris with an exclusive beauty treatment at Maison Sisley. For an appointment call 0033 1 86 21 11 11.

Discover the magnificent Maison Sisley in Paris in this video and on Sisley’s website.

Photos: Fanny Flory (8) and Yolanda Di Mambro (2)
Mood Boards by Marie-Laure Manceaux

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