He was madly in love with Tokyo, with whom he lived on a paradise island, he was tortured by the police in Algeria and illegally imprisoned, and he was unable to prevent Gandia from escaping and killing Nairobi. Let’s discover 15 facts about Rio from Money Heist.

Rio, a young hacker, is played by Spanish actor Miguel Herrán.

Miguel was born on 25 April 1996 in Málaga, Andalusia, but he moved to Madrid with his mother when he was three months old.

His full name is Miguel Ángel García de la Herrán.

Miguel Herrán as Rio and Jaime Lorente as Denver in Money Heist Season 5.

He was discovered by Spanish film director Daniel Guzmán at the casting for the film A cambio de nada. Miguel not only got his first role in a movie, but he also won the Goya award for Best Revelation Actor (watch his speech at the ceremony). The Goya awards are Spain’s most prestigious film awards.

After winning his first Goya, Miguel started to study acting at a film school in Madrid called Laboratorio de William Layton.

Miguel’s best friends of the Money Heist cast are Jaime Lorente (Denver) and Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo).

Miguel and Jaime both appeared in Elite, another successful Spanish series which is streamed on Netflix.

The 25-year-old actor regularly works out and has an impressive six-pack.

In an interview with GQ Spain, the actor said that he had suffered from depression. “I considered myself as a person of no interest who has nothing to contribute to society.”

He also admitted that he had suffered from bigorexia. He was obsessed with his body because he didn’t like the way he looked.

During home confinement, Miguel gained 14 kilos.

Miguel loves animals and often posts pictures of him and his dog on Instagram.

He is passionate about motercycles. In an interview with El País, he said that he loved extreme sports beause they made him feel alive.

Miguel is in a relationship with Spanish actress Sandra Escacena (20), who starred in the horror movie Verónica.

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