Set in Medellín, Colombia, The Queen of Flow is not only the most successful show in the history of Colombian TV, but also the most successful Latin American show on Netflix in 2021. 17 years after being wrongly imprisoned in the United States, Yeimy Montoya, a talented songwriter, goes back to Colombia to seek justice against the men who caused her downfall and killed her family.

Who plays Charly Flow, Yeimy Montoya, El Pez Koi and Juancho? Who sings the great Reggaeton songs? Is the character of Charly Flow inspired by superstar Maluma? Discover our 19 Facts About The Queen of Flow Season 1 and Season 2.



La Reina del Flow, produced by Caracol TV, premiered in Colombia in June 2018 and achieved an audience share of up to 72.2 percent. Moreover, 6 out of 10 Colombian viewers aged between 12 and 18 watched the show. Season 2 premiered in Colombia in April 2021.

In November 2021, The Queen of Flow Season 2 premiered globally on Netflix and took the Netflix Top 10 Charts by storm. In December 2021, it was the sixth most watched Netflix show in the world. In the US Netflix charts, the telenovela ranked fourth, in France sixth, in Mexico fourth and in Spain second. Qué chimba!

La Reina del Flow was the first Colombian TV show that won an Emmy. It won the award for best soap opera outside the United States. Part of the cast celebrated the award at a press event in November 2019 (see below).

Season 1 features 82 episodes, Season 2 90 episodes. The show was shot in Medellín and Bogotá.

Millions of fans around the world hope that there will be a third season of The Queen of Flow. In a recent video, several actors said they hoped that they could continue to work together in season 3. Despite the speculations, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of season 3.

The huge success of The Queen of Flow is partly due to the great Reggaeton songs. Season 1 features 33 songs. Reggaeton fuses different styles of music (reggae, hip-hop and Latin music). (What is Reggaeton? Watch this video to know more about the history and rhythm of Reggaeton.)

The character of Charly Flow is inspired by Colombian superstars J Balvin and especially Maluma (hairstyle, beard, clothing, tattoos, way of speaking and posing etc.). In the Mentiroso video of Irma El Huracán and Charly, the black Dolce & Gabbana style suit, the jewellery, the hairstyle and the sunglasses are a clear reference to Maluma. Moreover, “Princesa” is one of Maluma’s favourite words. Like Charly Flow, Maluma grew up in Medellín.

In The Queen of Flow, the leading actors sing playback. The songs have been recorded by various artists such as Gelo Arango (Yeimy songs in Season 1) and Guita (Yeimy songs in Season 2), Alejo Valencia (Charly Flow) and David Botero (Erick Cruz alias Pez Koi).

Only three actors sing and act in the soap opera: Mariana Gómez (Irma El Huracán), Kevin Bury (Chris Vega) and Marco Carreño alias Kiño (Axel).

Carolina Ramírez plays Yeimy Montoya as an adult and Tammy Andrade. The 38-year-old actress, who has 2.6 million folllowers on Instagram, started to take ballet classes as a child. Her biggest dream was to become a professional ballet dancer. She nevertheless took part in castings and soon landed her first roles in telenovelas. She´s best known for her performance in La hija del mariachi, La Pola (she looked amazing with her dark wavy hair) and La Reina del Flow. She’s married to Mariano Bacaleinik, an Argentinian businessman, with whom she lives in Buenos Aires. They don’t have any children, but Carolina is extremely fond of her two dogs and her cat.

For her dancing and singing scenes as Yeimy Montoya and Tammy Andrade, Carolina Ramirez got inspired by Jennifer Lopez, Ivy Queen and Karol G and studied their videos.

Maria José Vargas plays Yeimy as a teenager. The 20-year old actress and influencer from Medellín started her acting career in soap operas at the age of nine. She has 3.5 million followers on Instagram, while her sister, actress Yuri Katherine Vargas, has 2.4 million.

Carlos Torres plays Charly Flow, a successful Reggaeton singer who’s the nephew of Duver Cruz alias Manin, a drug dealer and extortioner who gave the order to kill Yeimy’s parents and her grandmother. The 33-year-old actor, who has 4.8 million followers on Instagram, grew up in Baranquilla, Shakira’s hometown. His parents are arquitects. He studied acting in Bogotá and soon landed his first roles in telenovelas. He’s best known for his performance in the shows Sala de urgencias, Francisco el matématico, Amar y vivir, and especially La Reina del Flow. Carlo Torres is not married, but he has been in a relationship with Joanna Castro for the past ten years. She’s not a celebrity, but she often posts photos of her and her fiancé on Instagram.

Carlos Torres doesn’t have any tattoos. He had to arrive at the set three hours in advance for make-up, hairstyling and tattoos. A tattoo artist painted them on Carlos’ arms and neck.

Juan Manuel Restrepo, who plays Erick Cruz alias El Pez Koi, was born in Medellín on 26 September 1997. He’s a model and actor who appeared in TV commercials and a few telenovelas like Los Briceño. He rose to international fame in 2018 with his role as Erick Cruz and the young Charly Flow in La Reina del Flow. His mother, who had to fight breast cancer, is his big idol. Juan Manuel, who has 2.6 million followers on Instagram, has green eyes and is 1.85 m tall.

In a TV interview, he said that playing two characters at the same time in The Queen of Flow was quite tough: “In the morning I had to play one character and in the afternoon the other one. It was a bit of a shock. I had to ask a lot of questions to make a good job.” He currently plays Juan David Reyes in Season 2 of the Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes, which was extremely successful in Latin America in 2003.

Andrés Sandoval plays Juancho, Yeimy’s husband. The 40-year-old actor from Medellín started to act at the age of 9. He played in various telenovelas like Rosario Tijeras and Corazones blindados. Andrés Sandoval is also a film director. In 2013, he represented Colombia at the film festival in Cannes with a short film. He is in a relationship with Katty Osorio with whom he has two small children. He has 663’000 followers on Instagram.

Luna Baxter plays Silvia Duarte, Charly Flow’s lawyer who gets him out of prison after only four years. Later on, he finds out that she’s a special agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who infiltrates the crime ring of Manín.

Luna Baxter is a bilingual (SpanishI/English) actress and singer. Her grandfather was British, her mother is Colombian, her father Argentinian. The 29-year-old actress grew up in Guatemala. When she was 16 years old, her mother died of ovarian cancer. All of a sudden, Luna had to look after her 4-year-old sister Anastasia. Luna appeared in the TV shows Tarde lo conocí and La ley secreta, in the movies Bendita rebeldía and in various musicals like West Side Story and Moulin Rouge. Luna has 198’000 followers on Instagram.

Mariana Gómez (29) plays Irma, a talented singer and Erik’s girlfriend. She grew up in Medellín and started her career as a singer as a child and had her first hit at the age of 17. Two years later, she won a fellowship to attend musical theatre classes at the New York Film Academy. In 2013, she took part in the talent show La Voz Colombia.

In 2018, she landed her first TV role as Irma in La reina del flow. The same year she played a leading role in the telenovela Loquito por tí. This year, she’s playing the leading role in the TV show Arelis Henao: Canto para no llorar. Mariana has 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Juan Palau (29) plays Drama Key, who met Charly when they were in prison. They shared the same cell. Thanks to his famous friend, Drama Key signs with the music company Grey Shark. He begins his career with a duet with Irma, whom he has been admiring for years. Juan Palau is a Colombian singer, composer and actor. He says that there are similarities between him and his character Drama Key: “We love Reggaeton, we are dreamers, very loyal, but I’m not as explosive as Drama Key,” he said. Juan Palau has 339’000 followers on Instagram.

Kevin Bury, who plays Chris Vega (left), is a 29-year-old Colombian singer and actor. He played in Francisco el matemático alongside Carlos Torres (Charly Cruz) and He has 1 million followers on Instagram.

Colombian choreografer Alex Zapata was in charge of coaching the actors in their dancing scenes.

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Photos: Courtesy Caracol TV, Andrés Valbuena, Juliana Lopera


Needless to say that there’s much more to say than 19 Facts About The Queen of Flow. Music is as important as the plot. Check out the best songs.




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