A burglar who’s a fan of Arsène Lupin and who seeks revenge for the death of his innocent father. A teenager who was kidnapped on a beach in Normandy. A corrupt billionaire and businessman who is obsessed with a burglar whose family he destroyed many years ago.

Lupin, the first French series to hit the Netflix US top 10 with 78 million views in the first 28 days after its launch, is back with a new season. Will Assane find his kidnapped son? What game will the ambiguous Juliette Pellegrini play? Will the police catch Assane? What action scene will we see in the last episode? Discover 27 Facts About Lupin Season 2.

The character Lupin is based on the French novel The Arrest of Arsène Lupin (1905) by Maurice Leblanc. Most often, Lupin steals from people who got rich illegally or dishonestly.

Arsène Lupin was picked for numerous theatre plays and film adaptations in France, the US and Japan. He also inspired manga artists in the 1960s, turning the Lupin manga into a huge success in Japan.

Netflix asked British screenwriter George Kay, who’s best known for Criminal and Killing Eve, to write the script of the French series. Instead of adapting the original Arsène Lupin novel, Kay portrayed a modern-day Arsène Lupin fan, Assan Diop (Omar Sy).

In France, Lupin Season 1 generated 15,8 million euros in direct and indirect revenue.

Lupin Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on 11 June 2021. It consists of five episodes of 45 minutes each.

Season 2 was shot in Paris and Étretat (Normandy).

Omar Sy (43), France’s most popular actor, plays the main character Assane Diop. Omar Sy is also executive producer of the show.

“When you grow up in France, you know who Lupin is, what he looks like, what he’s capable of,” says Omar. “He’s one of our heroes, although I was more acquainted with the manga 80s version of Lupin.”

“Assane is defined by a sense of injustice – the fact of being ignored, of being invisible – which has become his trauma,” explains Omar. “As he changes costumes and trades, he blends in with the crowd. It’s something I totally relate to.”

In Season 2, Assane sympathizes with the police officers who try to catch him. He relates to the character of detective Ganimard and even does him favours.

Clotilde Hesme (42), who played alongside Omar Sy in Chocolat, a film directed by Roshdy Zem (2016), is Juliette Pellegrini. She’s ambiguous – she carries the legacy of her rich and corrupted parents, but she also takes advantage of it.

In Season 2, Assane and Juliette often meet in the Butte Chaumont park in Paris. Moreover, they also appear in a scene at the Orsay Museum – behind the giant clock, surrounded by some paintings of the greatest impressionists.

Hervé Pierre (66), an actor of the prestigious French Comédie Française, plays Hubert Pellegrini. He represents the dark side and embodies a hidden power, the grey area of the corrupted financial system. He and his wife sent Assane’s father to prison, even though they knew he was innocent.

“In Season 2, Hubert grows even more extreme as far as greed and possessions are concerned,” says Hervé Pierre. “Pellegrini fears Assane because Assane’s revenge takes place outside the law.”

In the last episode of Season 2, there’s an action scene between Assane and Hubert at the Théâtre du Châtelet. The theatre, which is located by the Seine river, is the perfect location for an escape scene.

After Raoul’s kidnapping, Claire (Ludivine Sagnier, 42), his mother, breaks up with Assane. She believes that he crossed the line when he exposed her son to such risks. Assane and Claire met at school when they were teenagers. They were both orphans and therefore felt a strong common bond.

“Benjamin Ferel is to Assane what Alfred is to Batman, or Q to James Bond,” says Antoine Gouy (41), who plays Assane’s loyal friend. “Benjamin’s shop compares a bit to Batman’s cave. In Season 2, he helps out in Assane’s quest for revenge. He decides to take action.”

Guerida, a police officer who loves literature and especially Arsène Lupin, is hunting down a man who shares his passion. “In Season 2 they get to know each other,” reveals actor Soufiane Guerrab (34). “You get the feeling that even if one of them is a burglar and the other is a police officer, they could be the best of friends.”

Lupin Season 2 was also shot at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and the Place Vendôme.


Paris is the second most visited city in the world. In 2019, the year before Covid-19, the City of Lights had more than 50 million visitors.

The plot of Lupin Part 2 is not overwhelming and not very original. It starts with the kidnapping of Raoul and Assane’s successful attempt to free him. Afterwards, Assane seduces Juliette, Pellegrini’s daughter. His motto: “Pellegrini kidnapped my son, the most important person in my life, and now I will do the same thing to him.”

Lupin Part 2 attracts viewers all over the world because it shows the most beautiful parts of Paris. Every five minutes, you discover new fascinating parts of Paris (its office of tourism will be thrilled).

If you plan to visit Paris and would like to discover the places of Lupin Season 2, take a look at the videos below. This part complements 27 Facts About Lupin Season 2.





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