Cleopatra, the most famous Egyptian queen, has achieved immortality through her personal story of love and tragedy. Other female pharaohs like Nefertiti, Nefertari, Isis and Berenice were known for their beauty, their power and their ability to keep the society stable in times of potential turmoil.

Zuhair Murad celebrates the Egyptian queens as pioneers of feminism with a breathtakingly beautiful couture collection. The collar is bedecked with scintillating breastplates, each delicately bejeweled, that illuminate the face and neckline. The sheath dresses, which run through the collection like a golden thread, are suspended by straps, delicately knotted at the shoulders and structured by a marked waist. 

As a reverence to the Sun God, evenings gowns are adorned with capes, with incandescent gilding and crystals, for a sensuous yet architectural effect. The sun pleats come in vermilion or pitch black, bedecked by a majestic trail and cutouts at the chest and the back.

A way of suggesting that nobility is first and foremost a way of envisaging the world — and the very notion of elegance — with equal parts of power and delicacy.


Using a hallowed vocabulary, each piece of the couture collection is elevated into an exploration of timeless elegance tinted with magic. Take a seat in the first row and enjoy the Zuhair Murad Couture Spring Summer 2020 show.

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