When Paris meets Tokyo: In 2007, Frenchman Charles-Edouard Barthes created EviDenS de Beauté, the first luxury anti-aging skincare line for sensitive skin. It was a special gift for his Japanese wife Eriko who was obsessed with the perfect skincare routine, but couldn’t find any high-quality products for her skin. This fall, EviDenS de Beauté celebrates its tenth anniversary and launches Sakura Saho, a Japanese luxury skincare for young women. With this exclusive collection, Charles-Edouard Barthes pays tribute to Natsué, his eldest daughter who is 13 years old.


Dedicated to fight the first signs of aging, the Sakura Saho is the first range of skincare targeting women in the springtime of life. Composed of five unique formulas, it offers the perfect skincare experience to reveal a flawless and radiant skin, while softening and smoothing skin texture. The Sakura Saho enhances the natural beauty of young skin and preserves it from external aggressions and pollution.

The Japanese layering technique consists of a superimposition of complementary layers of cosmetics that target the different needs of the skin. The Sakura Saho comprises four essentials steps, to cleanse and purify, to sooth and prepare, to revitalize and activate and to moisturize and protect the skin.


Extremely light, the Sakura Cleansing Foam instantly rids the skin of all impurities. It cleanses and purifies the skin in depth and helps to eliminate dead cells, pollution and make-up residues.

Fluid and refreshing, the Sakura Lotion re-energizes the complexion and purifies the skin after cleansing. It refines the skin texture and acts like a pre-serum.


The Sakura Serum, thanks to its ultra concentrated formula, delivers to the cells of the skin all the benefits of the Sakura line active ingredients for an in-depth action. The skin is full of vitality, ready to receive the Sakura Cream or the Sakura Emulsion.

With its unique melting texture cherished by normal to dry skin, the Sakura Cream improves the skin texture and appearance. The hydration is maintained at an optimum level. Thanks to its active ingredients, The Cream preserves the essence of youth and acts as a protective shield against pollution and external agressions.

Like a light mattifying and protective veil, the Sakura Emulsion maintains the hydration at an optimum level for a complexion perfectly mat and non-oily. It also removes excess of sebum and helps fight against acne. Moreover, it acts as a shield against pollution and external agressions to preserve the essence of youth.

Prices in Swiss francs:
The Cleansing Foam, 150ml pump bottle, CHF 57
The Lotion, 150ml, CHF 67
The Serum, 30ml, CHF 170
The Emulsion, 50ml, CHF 140
The Cream, 50ml, CHF 140

In Switzerland, you can buy Evidens de Beauté in various perfumeries, hotels and stores, e. g. Globus (Zurich, Glatt, Basel, Lucerne), Parfumerie Osswald Zurich, Parfumerie Kulm St. Moritz, Testa Grigia Zermatt, Drogerie von Grünigen Gstaad.

In Paris, you can buy Evidens de Beauté products at the spa of the Hotel de Crillon and at the Boutique Evidens de Beauté in the 16th arrondissement (25 Rue Boissière).

In London, you can buy Evidens de Beauté at Harrods.

Photos: Courtesy of Evidens de Beauté and Patrick Demarchelier for Pirelli



I was invited to attend Evidens de Beauté’s press conference in Zurich (Switzerland) on 5 September 2017 at the 5-star hotel Baur au Lac. I tested the Sekura Serum for a month in winter and came to the following conclusion: The serum hydrated my skin very well. In summer, I wouldn’t even have applied a cream afterwards. The serum has a very pleasant smell and is a good base for the make-up. Nevertheless, I noticed that when I was wearing a foundation and make-up, my skin would start to shine within two hours. Therefore, having a combination skin, I would rather apply this serum at night or on days when I’m not using any foundation.


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