Get ready for a hot summer with amazing colours inspired by nature: Naj Oleari, a successful Italian cosmetics brand, has just launched its Poetic Forest Summer 2020 Makeup Collection. It features a beautiful vanilla scented contour palette, creamy matte lipsticks for velvety lips, long-wearing eye and lip pencils as well as restorative nail lacquers.

The new collection has been designed for modern women who are romantic and feminine. The palette and the packaging of the products are beautifully adorned with mauve flowers and plants. They also look great as a decoration on a bedtime table or on a bookshelf.


The beautiful Skin Blossom Contour Palette features three baked powders, deliciously scented with vanilla. The bronzer gives you a natural bronzed effect and is also perfect for a light contouring on the cheekbones, the sides of the nose and jawline. The blush creates the perfect healthy glow. The highlighter creates highlights on the facial reliefs and gives a fresh, radiant look.

(Above) A highlight of the new Poetic Forest make-up is the eye pencil 02 Acquamarine. It suits every eye colour.

The Living Eye Pencil in 01 Bronze and 02 Acquamarine releases an intense, glossy colour both in its use as an eyeliner or when used as kohl along the inner eyelid.

The innovative Floral Breath Nail Lacquer allows your nails to breathe and simultaneously nourishes them. The strengthening and nourishing active ingredients of rosehip oil repair the nails, slow down their ageing and stimulate growth. The nail lacquer is available in three shades: Milky Nude Pink, Mauve and Brick Red.

(Above) Beautifully manicured nails with Brick Red.


If you’re looking for the perfect beauty gift for yourself or a friend, you might consider the amazing Wonder Look Eyeshadow Palette by Naj Oleari. The 10-colour palette features eyeshadows with a velvety texture and different finishes: matte, shimmer and satin. The colour release is intense, the texture creamy and velvety. It blends easily and is long-wearing.

(Above) Colour your eyes beautiful with the two Wonder Look Eyeshadow Palettes 01 Nude Tones (left) and 02 Pink Tones.

Apply the lighter eyeshadows near the inner corner of your eye and on your brow bone to brighten your eyes. Use the medium colours for your eyelid and the darker ones to intensify the outer corner of your eye.
To extend the wear of eyeshadows, prime your eyelids by applying Naj Oleari’s Lasting Smooth Eye Primer.

(Above) The Living Eye Pencil in 01 Bronze and 02 Acquamarine (left) and the magnificent Wonder Look Eyeshadow Palette in 03 Cool Tones.

In Switzerland, the Poetic Summer Forest 2020 makeup collection by Naj Oleari is exclusively available at Müller Parfümerien.

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