America’s leading business magazine Forbes named him Italy’s leading male influencer in retail and e-commerce. With 6,6 million followers on Instagram, an extremely successful e-commerce business and various advertising campaigns for international luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Mariano Di Vaio has used his look and his social media style posts to create a multi-million euro business within a few years.

Who is Mariano Di Vaio? How did he start his career? Why does he speak English fluently? Who is his wife? Which of Mariano Di Vaio’s dream didn’t come true? Discover 19 facts about Mariano Di Vaio, the king of male influencers and bloggers.

Mariano Di Vaio was born on 9 May 1989 in Assisi (Umbria, Italy). His parents are from Naples.

He doesn’t have any (lookalike) brother or half-brother, but a sister called Ilaria. She has 158’000 followers on Instagram.

Mariano is 1.83 m tall (six feet) and weighs about 81 kilos (179 pounds). He revealed it in a video interview.

He didn’t succeed in becoming a runway model in London or Milan, because he wasn’t tall enough.

He studied acting in New York for one and a half years, and when he returned to Italy, he launched a blog about fashion and cinema. He also asked Eleonora, a friend who a few years later became his wife, to take pictures of him. He posted them on Instagram and was soon contacted by companies, press offices and showrooms.

Today, Mariano Di Vaio runs a very successful e-commerce business. On his NOHOW Website, he sells men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as sunglasses, accessories, shoes, haircare products, homeware and jewels.

NOHOW sells products of various brands launched by the Italian entrepreneur: Mariano Di Vaio, NOHOW, NOHOW Woman, Eleonora Brunacci. He also sells products by international brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Puma, Diesel etc.

In 2018, Mariano received a GQ Man Of The Year Award for Best Fashion Influencer.

In Fall 2019, Mariano Di Vaio was the new face of K, a men’s fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana (read our article). The commercial was shot in Tuscany (video). At the end of the commercial, you hear Mariano’s voice. In March 2022, Dolce & Gabbana launched a new campaign with Mariano Di Vaio for K. (In the last four weeks, our international magazine contacted several times the Shiseido Group, which distributes all Dolce & Gabbana beauty products, in order to get the new press kit for an article – in vain.)

Mariano Di Vaio is married to Eleonora Brunacci (34). They have three boys and a girl. Mia Annabelle was born on 25 January 2022. The four kids all have their own Instagram account.

Mariano Di Vaio loves motorsports as well as snowboard and surf.

He doesn’t have any tattoos.

Most of Mariano Di Vaio’s Instagram followers live in the United States and Brazil. According to Vanity Fair Italia, 60 percent of Mariano’s followers on Instagram are men aged 25 to 35.

Mariano has a professional team in Perugia (Umbria) that manages his various businesses (marketing, press office etc.).

He has 6,6 million followers on Instagram.

The king of male influencers still dreams of becoming an actor. But he admits that he doesn’t have the time to focus on an acting career.

Photos: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana and Matthew Brookes.

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