This season, Sisley Paris casts a spell with an opulent and nocturnal fragrance that is an ode to the night: Izia La Nuit. It is a homage to a unique and mysterious rose that grows in Isabelle d’Ornano’s garden and only blooms fleetingly once a year. Like an encounter that awakens the unconscious and stimulates the senses, soaring luminous, full and sensual notes deliver a dizzying sensation as the fragrance develops, evolves and transforms over time, similar to a metaphor for the countless facets of love.

Sisley’s new fragrance is a new chapter in an olfactory legend that began with the launch of Izia in 2017. Created by Isabelle d’Ornano, the co-founder of Sisley, Izia reflected her fondness for the flower and its uncommon, original notes. The sunny and feminine fresh floral fragrance was built around the distinctive scent of a bouquet of these roses.


Although still just as intensely floral, Izia La Nuit is dressed in wood, a hint of vanilla, and leathery notes. Composed of the finest essences, the scent recreates the excitement, wonder, blossoming, and serenity experienced throughout a love journey.

The first notes are fresh and vibrant: in the top notes, bergamot mingles with the sweet and fruity notes of mandarin and juicy blackcurrant. Cardamom lends a spicy, woody facet to this fresh and colourful beginning.

In the pulsing middle notes, the Izia rose appears more radiant than ever thanks to the luminous and sparkling floral notes of freesia and magnolia.

The sophisticated duo of labdanum and patchouli lend a leathery effect to oak moss, which completes the modern chypre structure of Izia La Nuit. Soft ambrox releases warm, elegant and powerful aromas. A hint of woody, milky vanilla brings the fragrance to a close, intensifying and lengthening its sillage.

Sonia presents Izia La Nuit, Sisley’s new fragrance created by master perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie.


The Izia La Nuit commercial stars Sonia Vasena, grand niece of Isabelle d’Ornano and the perfect embodiment of the Sisley woman. She interprets the different facets of the fragrance through an allegory of love.

Just as love is an emotional experience that runs a set course, an unfamiliar fragrance can also trigger a succession of stages: excitement, wonder, blossoming, satisfaction and eternity.

The sophisticated commercial was shot at the gorgeous Voisins castle in Saint Hilarion in the Yvelines. Built in the mid-17th century and owned by a series of French aristocrats, the castle stood in for parts of President Snow’s mansion in Hunger Games, one of the most successful film franchises in recent history starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Isabelle d’Ornano and Christine d’Ornano have chosen a very elegant place to convey this idea of sophistication that really characterizes the Izia la Nuit fragrance. “It is a magnificent castle in the Paris region, with beautiful spaces and a French garden. This place allowed us to film the different scenes and stages of the love journey in a magnificent setting,” they said to VERTIGO Mag.


Enter the magnificent Voisins castle in France and discover the witchcraft of Sisley’s model Sonia. Isabelle d’Ornano and her daughter Christine reveal the secrets of the elegant chypre and the shooting of the Sisley film.

VERTIGO Mag will review Izia La Nuit in a Youtube video in February or March. Stay tuned!

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