For the Air Matte Lip Color campaign, François Nars photographed one of his current muses, Ilona Smet (25). In France, she’s been in the spotlight since she was born. She’s the daughter of French topmodel Estelle Lefébure and singer David Halliday. Moreover, she’s the granddaughter of two French icons: rockstar Johnny Halliday, whom music critics called the French Elvis, and Sylve Vartan, a famous singer and actress.

Ilona, who grew up in Los Angeles and Paris, graced the cover of many French fashion magazines like Elle, Madame Figaro, Cosmopolitan and Gala. She also attended acting classes in Los Angeles in order to become an actress like her aunt Laura Smet.

In the amazing picture shot by François Nars, in which Ilona looks like a Hitchcock heroine, she wears a brand new lip color: Power Trip. Thanks to a special color diffusion complex, it creates a soft-focus finish with a creamy feel.

The new Air Matte Lip Color comes in ten shades, from Pink Nude to Deep Red. In the US, the collection is already available, in Switzerland it will be available from March 2021.

“The powdery finish of a real matte red lipstick is something very modern,” says François Nars, the founder of the iconic cosmetics brand. “It has a deep, velvety quality that is intense and very elegant; it’s very cool, very sophisticated.”

To recreate Ilona’s elegant look, start with applying Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation all over the face. To define cheek bones and add overall dimension, sweep Blush in Zen. Fill in lips with Air Matte Lip Color in Power Trip and apply Climax Mascara to complete the look.

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Kendji Girac, one of the most successful French pop singers, released a new music video on 1 February 2021. It generated more than 50’000 clicks in the first hour. In the video to the song Evidemment, Kendji and Ilona play a couple who separates – but only for a few hours.

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