There are only two things that are sure to turn a bad day into a great one: love, and a payday worth millions. They’re what keep Andrés de Fonollosa, better known by his code name Berlin, going through his golden years, a time when he still has no inkling of his illness and hasn’t gotten trapped like a rat in the Spanish Mint. This is where he starts preparing one of his most extraordinary heists: making jewels worth 44 million disappear like some sort of magic trick. To do it, he’ll enlist the help of one of the three gangs he’s ever stolen with.

Berlin is back with a new heist on Netflix. Not a Money Heist, but a jewel heist near the Place Vendôme in Paris, the world’s most prestigious address for high jewelry.

The eight episodes of the series, created, like Money Heist, by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, will premiere on Netflix on 29 December 2023. The series follows one of the most extraordinary heists of the iconic character played by Pedro Alonso, who returns to the role of the hedonistic and clever Berlin.

“This is my crew. One of the three I’ve robbed with in my life. But this one’s special. We go back to my golden age. Back when I had no clue I was sick, when I wasn’t locked up in the Royal Mint, my life hanging by a thread.”

Who is part of Berlin’s gang? Who is the mastermind? Who is the kamikaze who always lives on the edge? Who is the introverted engineering genius? And who is the relentless man of action?


Damian is a moonlighter. Philanthropic professor by day and criminal mastermind in his free time. Like all geniuses, he’s pretty scatterbrained.

Like Money Heist, the spin-off Berlin features a professor. But this time, the professor isn’t Sergio, Berlin’s brilliant brother, but an elder university professor called Damián, played by 53-year-old Spanish actor and film director Tristán Ulloa. He took theatre classes as a teenager to overcome his introversion. He had his first leading role in the acclaimed film Lucía y el sexo (2001). He also had minor roles in Narcos (Ernesto Samper) and El tiempo entre costuras.


Cameron is a ticking time bomb that’s impossible to defuse. “She lives and drives to the max,”, says Berlín. “She is pure adrenaline. But she’s not here because of any of that. She’s here because of something much more painful.”

Cameron, whose look and character might be too similar to Tokyo’s, is played by Begoña Vargas, a 24-year-old Spanish actress from Madrid. She’s best known for her roles in La otra mirada, Alta Mar (High Seas on Netflix), Malasaña 32 and Las leyes de la frontera.

In a recent interview with El País, Begoña Vargas said: “Cameron isn’t a professional thief at the beginning of the show. She learns new things quickly, she’s very strong mentally and she has the opportunity to start a new life.”


According to Berlín, “Bruce is our jack-of-all-trades. He can handle anything: weapons, mobile cranes and thermal lances. You might guess there’s not ten microns of gray matter in his head, but you’d be wrong.”

Bruce,the relentless man of action in the gang, is played by Joel Sánchez, a Spanish actor and model. He was born on the Canary Islands and made his acting debut recently in the spin-off Berlin. The 27-year-old actor is 1.85 m tall and works out with boxing.


Keyla is an electronic engineering genius. She graduated cum laude. There’s only one thing bigger than her brain: Her pathological shyness.

Keyla is played by Michelle Jenner, a 37-year-old actress from Barcelona. Edward Jenner, one of her ancestors, invented the smallpox vaccine in 1796. Michelle was the leading actress of Isabel, a historical fiction TV series about Queen Isabella the Catholic (1451-1504). She also played a leading role in The Cathedral of the Sea.

Itziar Ituño (Money Heist) and Najwa Nimri (Money Heist) come back to their roles as police women Raquel Murillo and Alicia Sierra respectively. 

Photos: Courtesy of Tamara Arranz for Netflix © 2023

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