Fauda, the most successful Israeli TV show on Netflix, is about to make history as the first Israeli series to be broadcast to millions of Persian viewers around the world on Manoto TV, available by satellite from its London based headquarters throughout the Middle East (including Iran and Afghanistan), Europe and North Africa.

Manoto TV, one of the world’s most popular Persian language channels, launched the Hebrew/Arabic thriller on July 21, 2021 to millions of its viewers.

All three seasons of Fauda will air – dubbed and translated into Farsi. This marks the first time an Israeli series is broadcast legally to Persian-speaking audiences. The series is produced and broadcast on yes TV in Israel and streams on Netflix in 190 countries – and despite the global reach, isn’t available to Persian-speaking viewers.

Persian TV airs Israeli TV hit series Fauda in Farsi.


The channel is one of the most-watched platforms for Persian audiences and averages more than 25 million viewers; airing news, current affairs, entertainment and variety shows, feature films and series.

Avi Issacharoff, co-creator of Fauda, hopes that “this is the first step in bringing the two peoples closer. We are very proud and happy that Fauda is available on Manoto TV. This will allow Persian viewers to watch our series for the first time and see this conflict from additional angles”.

Fauda which means chaos in Arabic, is a code word used when a military operation goes wrong. The series has been praised for its honest depiction of the ongoing struggle between the Israeli undercover soldiers and Palestinian militants. Fauda has been lauded for its gritty realism and its nuanced portrayal of both sides of the conflict.

Lior Raz, 49, who portrays the main character Doron, served as special ops in an IDF anti-terrorist unit before becoming an actor and screenwriter.


The highly anticipated fourth season of Fauda is currently in pre-production in Tel Aviv, and is set to start filming in the next few months. The latest season is scheduled to air in early 2022. 

Photos: Courtesy of Yes Studios, Ohad Roman, Elia Spinopolos, Nati Levi. Videos: Courtesy of Yes Studios & Manoto TV.



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