An amazingly beautiful palette that illuminates eyes, a lip shine that creates a veil of lustrous color and mirror-like shine, a concealer that erases signs of fatigue, a vegan serum that is based on cutting-edge green technology, an invisible sunscreen that protects the skin from ageing, and a fragrance that pays tribute to Tokyo’s most cosmpolitan district. Discover the best beauty launches in spring 2021.


Shine like a star! NARS introduces an amazingly beautiful collection of luminizing essentials for eyes, lips, and face. The products feature an exclusive blend of light-reflecting pearls and pure color pigments that imparts a natural glow and sheer wash of color to skin. Eyes illuminate. Lips scintillate. Skin exhilarates.

The Euphoria Face Dew boosts your skin with a lightweight, multipurpose liquid luminizer that creates the look of dewy, super-hydrated skin with reflection and light – no sparkle. Skin appears translucent. Create an instant glassy glow by applying it to the high points of the face, over your make-up or on top of bare skin.

The limited-edition Euphoria Face Palette features eight eyeshadows in a range of satin, matte, and glittering finishes, with three glistening shades of highlighter.

Divine shine. Luminescent. Iridescent. The Afterglow Lip Shine glides on a veil of lustrous color and mirror-like shine. It hydrates and protects the lips and makes them appear fuller.

The Afterglow Lip Shine in Deep Realm, Broken Glass and La Chamade.


In 1992, Terry de Gunzburg created Touche Éclat for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. It is the most successful concealer that has ever been launched. This spring, By Terry introduces Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer, specifically designed to treat the delicate skin around the eye area with hyaluronic acid, as well as to deliver a flawless make-up finish.

Imperfections are blurred and signs of fatigue are erased. The non-caking formula ensures a long-lasting wear with weightless, natural coverage. The new concealer is available in six universal shades in the range from fair to dark.


Shiseido pays tribute to Japan’s most cosmopolitan district by launching Ginza, a new fragrance that celebrates femininity in all its different facets and contrasts: subtle yet intense, delicate yet strong, wise yet passionate.

While in the West fragrance is considered a tool of seduction, in Japan it takes on a more personal and spiritual dimension. Long ago, the Samurai used fragrance and incense during Kodo ceremonies to give themselves courage. Indeed, their ancestral code of conduct called Bushido already encouraged them to believe in themselves and turn their personality into their magic power.

Composed by Karine Dubreuil and Maïa Lernout, Ginza is a a scent that combines the natural elegance of flowers and the power of sacred woods. It opens on a bright burst of luminous pomegranate and spicy pink peppercorns. At the heart of the bouquet, three varieties of jasmine reveal their most sumptuous facets. Petals of magnolia and freesia spin around in a joyful whirlwind, while Japanese orchid adds a touch of mystery to the blend of flowers. Suddenly, this floral sensuality takes on a more powerful dimension. At once strong and gentle, slightly camphoric, the sacred Japanese cypress brings remarkable character to the composition. Its most smouldering facet echoes the sandalwood’s depth and patchouli’s intensity.

A floral bouquet sharpened by woods: Ginza, the new fragrance by Shiseido.


In the last few years, the conversation around body positivity has progressed. Nevertheless, cellulite remains a beauty problem that women face on a daily basis, even though it should be considered as a skin condition with hormonal or metabolic causes. An active lifestyle is the best solution to diminish the problem. You can also add an anti-cellulite cream to your daily beauty routine.

Le Sculpteur by Sisley targets the appearance of cellulite and promises a more firmed and toned skin. Pink Pepper oil, caffeine, cedrol, and white ginger extract as well as mandarin extract, andiroba oil and exopolysaccharide derived from plankton, promote sculpting and toning, gradually restoring balance to the figure for a more harmonious look.

With repeated application, imperfections are minimized, the appearance of cellulite is diminished, skin looks smoother and firmer.

Apply Le Sculpteur morning and evening to the desired areas (legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach, hips, arms, etc.) and massage in until completely absorbed.


The new Shiseido Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+ / UVA applies invisibly on any skin tone, meaning no white marks and no more stickiness. It can be applied both under and over make-up – and reapplied anytime, anywhere. With over 50% skincare formula ingredients, Shiseido Suncare protects and nourishes skin. Always bear in mind that sunscreen and no smoking are the most potent anti-aging remedies. Sunscreen helps to prevent skin damage that leads to wrinkles, dark spots, roughness, dullness and loss of resilience.


Super Serum [10] by Nuxe incorporates the benefits of a cutting-edge green technology: 100% natural microfluidic encapsulation of fractionated botanical oils. The clean formula contains natural hyaluronic acid infused with thousands of botanical golden spheres.

The new serum stimulates youth mechanisms for skin and targets wrinkles, firmness and dark spots. Skin appears smoother, plumper and luminous. The vegan formula contains 95% ingredients of natural origin. The natural hyaluronic acid is obtained by fermentation of plants, a botanical biotechnological process that respects biodiversity. The fractionated botanical oils are encapsulated one by one using a natural silicone-free technique. After being reassembled with a selection of their most precious fatty acids, they ensure perfect affinity with the skin.


Double-cleansing, the centuries-old Japanese and Korean skincare routine that more and more women are discovering in Europe and the US, involves the practice of using a cleansing oil and a water-based face wash. This daily ritual allows the active ingredients in a face serum or cream to penetrate more deeply.

This spring, French-Korean cosmetics brand Erborian introduces Centella Cleansing Oil and Centella Cleansing Gel. The ultra-fine cleansing oil removes make-up (including waterproof make-up), excess sebum and impurities, while helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture. The gel purifies the skin and removes impurities. Its enveloping texture ensures a gentle cleansing action. The skin immediately looks clearer and more luminous.

Erborian’s Black Charcoal Mousse effectively and gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities and excess sebum. Designed for oily and blemish-prone skin, the cleanser’s light, airy texture transforms into a creamy foam that hydrates and soothes skin. Deep-clean without drying out your skin, shiny areas instantly look mattified and pores feel tightened.


Resultime, one of my favourite skincare brands due to its highly effective anti-ageing products, introduces Collagen Cream Wrinkle Filler. It containes a trio of plumping collagens. They have a global anti-ageing action, stimulate collagen synthesis in the dermis and epidermis and have a smoothing effect on the skin’s surface. Enriched with micro-light reflectors, this silky cream also improves skin’s radiance.

The new Booster With Collagen Glow combines vectorised micro-collagen with vitamin C, recognised for its unifying and illuminating action. It stimulates cell renewal in the epidermis and helps the skin to protect itself from aggressions, thanks to its powerful anti-oxidant effect.

The Booster With Collagen Lift combines vectorised micro-collagen with the renewing powers of retinol, which encourages cell renewal and stimulates synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to help firm the skin. Apply it in the morning or in the evening before the cream.


Sqin Tea is a new Swiss nutricosmetics brand that has created a collecton of Swiss tea blends with innovative nutritional supplements. They are a combination of active natural ingredients (such as collagen or grape seed extracts), bio Swiss alpine herbs and select premium tea leaves. According to Squin Tea, their products help to increase skin elasticity and radiance, reduce wrinkles and protect from air pollution. For visible and noticeable effects, it is recommended to take Sqin Tea products over a period of at least six weeks.

The Collagen Beauty is a selected white tee with a hint of apple mint and peppermint. Blended with collagen peptides and potent active ingredients and antioxidants, it aims at improving skin radiance and reducing wrinkles.

The latest product Hair, Skin, Nails contains Sencha green tea with a hint of Swiss alpine peppermint. Carefully coated with active ingredients, it aims at improving hair and nail strength and skin radiance. This food supplement contains keratin peptides, OPC (grape seed extract), vitamin C, zinc, green tea and Swiss organic herbs.

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