L’Elixir des Glaciers is the most exclusive line by Valmont, a Swiss luxury cosmetics brand. In 2017, l’Elixir des Glaciers introduced the Essence of Bees product line. Their skincare products combined the benefits of beehive in an exclusive complex to nourish the skin while protecting it from the effects of time.

This fall, Essence of Bees is making its savoir-faire available in a foundation that gives you a silky glow: Teint Majestueux. It features a combination of nutritional benefits from the beehive and the anti-aging properties of Triple DNA and Liposomed RNA. It is equally suited to a natural daytime look or more intense coverage for a night on the town.

Valmont’s new luxury foundation Teint Majestueux is the latest product of the exclusive Elixir des Glaciers line.

Teint Majestueux is available in five nuanced shades inspired by five cities: Porcelaine in Kyoto, Ivory in Shanghai, Natural Sand in Malta, Sandy Beige in Paris, Amber Beige in Florence.

For a natural finish, apply the liquid foundation evenly over the entire face using the fingertips. Start in the center of the face and work outwards. For a silky finish, apply with a make-up sponge. For light coverage, apply with a flat brush using long strokes. For light to medium coverage, apply with a brush using circular motion .

Teint Majestueux (30 ml, CHF 210) is available in five shades.


I was invited by Valmont to test the new foundation at an event in Zurich. Whilst it looked great on three beauty editors who had a warm or yellow undertone, there was no matching shade for me and another editor with a cool undertone (Snow White complexion). Porcelaine in Tokyo was too light and the other shades only matched complexions with a warm undertone. Therefore, the five shades are more suited for Asian or Arab women.

Valmont’s international training manager applied a foundation of another Valmont line on my complexion: Teint Précieux in Rosy Beige in New York. This shade matched my cool undertone and I was pleased with the result.

Nevertheless, a few months later, when I tested Valmont’s Teint Majestueux at home, I noticed that the foundation is extremely liquid, nearly like water. It offers only a light coverage, which in my case, is okay, because I have a beautiful skin. But if you want to cover spots or an uneven skin tone, it won’t work. It will neither work for women who love to countour their face.


Valmont’s new luxury foundation Teint Majestueux can be alternated with Poudre de Teint Précieuse, a new compact powder foundation the reduces imperfections on the face, enveloping the skin in subtly sleek velvet veil.

Worn alone to enhance the skin’s natural glow or together with Teint Précieux for a velvety finish, this powder foundation features reflective pigments that release a velvety soft radiance with a matte finish.

Poudre de Teint Précieuse (10 grams, CHF 175) is available in four shades: Porcelaine in Kyoto, Ivory in Shanghai, Sandy Beige in Paris, Amber Beige in Florence.

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