In 2018, Sophie and Didier Guillon, founders of Swiss luxury cosmetics brand Valmont, launched Storie Veneziane (Venetian Stories), a collection of five perfumes inspired by Venice. They paid tribute to the Serenissima’s artistic flamboyance present throughout its various neighborhoods. Didier designed the perfumes, while Sophie oversaw the creation of five distinguished fragrances.

This spring, Sophie and Didier are presenting the second chapter of their olfactory tale under the Storie Veneziane brand, now housed in an iconic Venetian palace, Palazzo Bonvicini, or as Didier prefers to call it, Palazzo Nobile. Sophie elaborated Collezione Privata, a collection of three new perfumes.

(Above) Collezione Privata by Valmont: three new luxury perfumes portraying Sophie’s vision of harmony.

The collection of three eaux de parfum is a tribute to a sophisticated, cosmopolitan woman, lively, candid and spontaneous, who shines ostentation. A lover of contrasting materials, she pursues her quest for harmony by juxtaposing warm and cool notes.

Jazzy Twist symbolizes a free and elusive woman. This floral gourmand scent presents a magnolia and tuberose chord. A lively lead-in of Madagascar black pepper warms up the senses while intensifying this rich yet graceful floral surge. To conclude, a whiff of chocolate mingled with an essence of patchouli, vanilla extract and Tonka beans confers an exhilarating gourmandise to the composition.

(Above) Sophie Guillon, co-founder of Valmont, asked several perfumers to create the Collezione Privata & Palazzo Nobile fragrances according to her briefing

Lady Code portrays cool seduction and French elegance. A sensual blend of hot and cold is based on essences of jasmine. The spell emerges with noble notes of delicately spicy pink berries. Immediately honed by the fruity sweetness of Arabian jasmine. Heightened by the candied almond scent chosen as a base note, this chypre gourmand reflects the spirit of French chic.

Private Mind leads us into the secret garden of a woman whose inner balance is focused on spirituality and reflection. Her mysterious character and her unique magnetism fascinate any Casanova. The floral and leathery notes of this fragrance exalt the rose and the secrets of seduction it holds. In its initial attack, the fragrance celebrates the spicy warmth of saffron, magnifying the Damask rose in its heart. Amplified by notes of leather, the fragrant rose expresses singular opulence.



Palazzo Nobile, a collection of five eaux de toilette of ethereal delicacy, is an olfactive Venetian adventure, the second opus of Valmont’s fragrance brand Storie Veneziane. The leading figure is Casanova, one of the most famous lovers in history, who loved and desired many women. His magnetic charm comes out in a new men’s fragrance that is at once timeless, elegant and stylish, while bearing the palazzo’s sestiere number: Casanova 2161.

Casanova 2161 is an aromatic woody essence, a modern interpretation of the mythical vetiver. Spicy juniper berries amplify its freshness, while its fragrant heart beats with the elegance of iris, an imperial blossom chosen for its floral and woody accents. For a lasting final impression, vetiver extract rounds out the woody and faintly smoky facets of this subtle eau de toilette.

The Palazzo Nobile collections also features the eaux de toilette Secret Bamboo, Sea Bliss, Satin Musk, Blooming Ballet and Bright Poppy. Discover them on Valmont’s website.

Photos: Valmont & Sofia Zhuravetc for Shutterstock

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