Ariana Grande loves to take it out at her concerts and to apply it while she’s performing. Ally Brooke shows its shiny and sensual effect in her video Lips Don’t Lie (11 million views): lip gloss is this summer’s must-have for a glamorous beauty look.

While lipsticks still dominate the cosmetics market, the market for lip gloss grew for the first time since 2014 and saw its largest growth in 2018, increasing 6.9 percent to reach $2.94 billion. According to Hannah Symons, Euromonitor’s beauty and fashion research manager, celebrities like the Kardashians and Jenners have also had a role to play in the successful comeback of lip gloss. In an interview with Business of Fashion, she said: “They’ve popularised the pouty look of the 90s and evangelised cosmetic surgery. Lip gloss creates that coveted plump aesthetic that can’t be achieved with a matte lipstick.”

(Above) Sisley launches Le Phyto-Gloss, which is available in ten shades: Moon, Aurora, Sunrise, Twilight, Fireworks, Paradise, Venus, Milkyway, Sunset, Star (from top to bottom).


Two years after the phenomenal success of Le Phyto Rouge, which was VERTIGO’s most clicked article in 2018, Sisley introduces a new formula that combines intensive lipcare and mirror shine: Le Phyto-Gloss. When applied, the lips are nourished and plumper. A novel combination of three oils provides them with a shaping effect in addition to the unique mirror shine and volume effect.

The light is reflected by the formula’s new mother-of-pearl particles with their ultra-pure colour. Their intense reflective properties accentuate the shine and iridescence. Their optimal size provide both a sustained glittery finish and an intense, dazzling result.

Worn alone or as a top coat on a lipstick for a more intense result, Le Phyto-Gloss is available in 10 vibrant and luminous shades and in two different finishes: shimmery or shiny. I’m really in love with this new lip gloss. My favourite combination for my snow white beauty look? I apply Phyto-Gloss in Fireworks (number 5) over Sisley’s Phyto Rouge lipstick Rio (number 42).

(Above) Glowy is the new healthy: Le Phyto-Gloss 2 Aurora plumps up the lips and envelops them in a beautiful shine.


This summer, Sisley is refreshing the formula of its Phyto Compact Powder with added skincare benefits to make it ultra-sensory, smoothing and comfortable. Suitable for all skin types, it can be applied after foundation or used alone for a natural look. Its buildable formula can be used at any time of the day to complete your make-up and unify your complexion. It refines the skin texture and smooths wrinkles and fine lines.

The formula incorporates three ultraemollient plant based active ingredients, to lock in hydration and provide absolute comfort. This combination, enriched with hibiscus flower extract, gives a very
soft and creamy texture.

(Above) An enhanced formula in a new zebra-striped compact. Sisley’s compact powder is available in four shades.


To complete my Sisley beauty look and to focus on the eyes, I love to use Phyto-Khol Star, an automatically retractable pencil with integrated pencil sharpener. The creamy and firm tip is easy to use and ensures perfect definition with extreme precision. It is available in ten shades with two effects: sparkling (with luminous shades infused with delicate glitter) and mystic (almost black shimmery shades with subtle reflections).

Two new beautiful shades have just been launched: Sparkling Pearl (number 9) and Mystic Plum (number 10).

(Above) The long-lasting eye-liner pen Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof.


I use this brow pencil every morning, even on the days I don’t wear make-up. It consists of a taming brush and a triangular tip to precisely redefine, reshape and fill in all types of eyebrows, whether fine or thick. It also features a highlighter that I apply under the arch of the eyebrow for highlighting the eyes.

(Above) Sisley’s 3-in-1 Brow Architect Pencil is available in four shades: Cappuccino, Chestnut, Mokka (new) and Dark Brown.


Japanese and South Korean women have known it for decades: cleansing the skin in the morning and in the evening is one of the most important skinare steps. It’s not enough to swipe a cotton pad with some micellar water over your face and then go to bed.

Make-up, excess sebum, urban pollution and impurities build up on the skin throughout the day. It is therefore essential to remove make-up, cleanse the skin and rid it of traces of pollution every day to preserve its youth and radiance. One of my favourite cleansers is Sisley’s Radiance Foaming Cream, which was launched in 2019 (read my article). This spring, Sisley launches two new and innovative make-up removers enriched with skincare active ingredients to protect the skin.

The Triple Oil Balm Make-up Remover & Cleanser is an ultra-rich, plant-based butter inspired by the textures of Asian products and supplies the skin with the powerful benefits of its active ingredients. It becomes a silky, lightweight oil texture upon application, before transforming into an extremely soft milky emulsion upon contact with the skin to facilitate rinsing and fully remove all impurities. The skin is left clean, clear and soft and its suppleness and comfort is restored without any greasy film or tight sensations.

The opalescent gel texture of the Eye and Lip Gel Make-up Remover is soft, lightweight and non-greasy. It gently captures make-up pigments to remove the slightest traces from the lashes, eyelids and lips, even stubborn and waterproof formulas. Thanks to its skin care benefits, the lashes are left more beautiful, softer and shinier. Their loss is limited during make-up removal.



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