Did you know that red lipstick is a woman’s most powerful weapon when it comes to make-up? According to a University of Manchester statistic, 7.3 seconds is the average time a man stares at a woman wearing red lipstick, compared to the 2.2 seconds for women wearing none at all. Did we convince you to become a lipstick beauty queen this fall? In that case check out Le Phyto Rouge, the latest lipstick collection by Sisley Paris. It sets the tone, adds personality, injects feel-good vibes and provides the finishing touch to any look.

The new interpretation of Sisley’s signature lipstick features a revamped case and formula. Le Phyto Rouge combines the best of make-up and skincare. Lips are plumper, smoother and fuller. They are ideally hydrated for 8 hours.

(Above) Sisley launches Le Phyto Rouge lipstick featuring a zebra-striped décor that pairs elegant gold with modern black.


Lips require daily protection, nourishment and intense hydration from specially adapted formulas. To lavish the lips, Sisley has incorporated an innovative hydrobooster complex into Le Phyto Rouge. It brings together two leading active ingredients: hyaluronic acid and konjac glucomannans. They are delivered as filling microspheres, which absorb moisture from the dermis, expand and boost the lips’ water content.

Moreover, Le Phyto Rouge also contains a cocktail of natural oils: Camellia oil nourishes and maintains lip elasticity and suppleness, while Jojoba oil keeps them soft and comfortable.


To celebrate diversity, Sisley has created 20 radiant shades covering four colour families. They adapt to all skin tones and meet the needs of women from around the world with any skin colour. Saturated with high-tech pigments, they provide deep and bright colour with every application.


Beiges: A collection of five stylish nude shades for a natural, delicate smile that works harmoniously with the skin’s colour.
10 Jaipur – 11 Tahiti – 12 Bali – 13 Eldorado – 14 Copacabana

Pinks: A palette of seven pinks from pretty to powerful, for a fresh look.
20 Portofino – 21 Nouméa – 22 Paris – 23 Delhi – 24 Santa Fe – 25 Kyoto – 26 Granada

Oranges: Four bold, punchy and assertive shades for bright, energised lips.
30 Ibiza – 31 Acapulco – 32 Calvi – 33 Sevilla

Reds: A quartet of vibrant reds ranging from bright to deep. Four daring shades that are the very essence of feminine chic.
40 Monaco – 41 Miami – 42 Rio – 43 Capri

Le Phyto Rouge will be available from 10 September 2018. Price: CHF 53


Is Le Phyto Rouge worth its money? What’s special about it? What could be improved? I tested Le Phyto Rouge for you. Here’s my review.

Colour: I tested 42 Rouge Rio, a beautiful red with slightly purple pigments. If you’re looking for a brighter red, you might opt for Rouge Monaco, a mixture of red and dark orange.

Lipstick case: A luxury object at first sight. The lipstick comes in a thick golden case with a zebra-striped décor and a satin cover in red.

Application: Even though Le Phyto Rouge has a special shape for an application without a lip pencil, I recommend that you use a lip pencil when you apply a bold shade like Rouge Rio. In the case of a nude shade, the application might work without a lip pencil, but if you’re using a bold colour and want to have perfectly defined lips, you must use a lip pencil.

Hydration: Le Phyto Rouge provides a long-lasting hydration. That’s what I love most about this new lipstick. There’s no need to use a balm before applying it.

Finish: Le Phyto Rouge gives your lips a matte finish.

How long does the colour last? I applied Le Phyto Rouge at 8 a.m. and had lunch at 11.45 a.m. I ate a warm pasta salad with beef and some rucola leaves. I didn’t have anything to drink. About one third of the colour faded during lunch, mainly on the lower lip. Therefore, I had to reapply some lipstick after lunch. As a beauty editor, I have to point out, that lip shades always fade after a meal. The only exception was a NARS lipstick I tested in 2014. British actress Charlotte Rampling was the face of the campaign. That was by far the most long-lasting lipstick I’ve ever tested.

Le Phyto Rouge is the perfect lipstick for contouring your lips with a lip brush. There’s no need to use a lip pencil with this lipstick. I do it every morning and I’m always amazed to see when I get home in the evening that the colour hasn’t faded on the lip lines.

Visit the official website of Sisley Paris International and Sisley Switzerland.

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