You desperately wanted to travel to Paris this year, but the pandemic ruined your plans. You desperately wanted to watch Emily in Paris Season 2 this summer, but the launch has been delayed. Let’s face it: if you can’t spice up your life with a real trip or a “Netflix trip” to Paris this year, get the Parisian style and joie de vivre with a few magnificent colours and textures made in Paris, for instance with the new products by Sisley Paris, an extremely successful French cosmetic company that is still owned by one family, the d’Ornano family.


The story of Phyto-Lip, Phyto-Eye and Phyto-Blush Twist continues. Sisley’s signature zebra-striped range has been incredibly successful; its creativity, colours and irresistible textures are loved by all generations.

Sisley’s lip pencil Phyto-Lip Twist is a comfortable, sensory and hydrating formula that glides on and melts in while moisturizing the lips. Currently available in 19 colours, the zebra-striped Phyto-Lip Twist comes in amazing glossy and matte shades.

This fall, Sisley is launching three radiant new shades (see picture above, from left to right). Rosy Nude (24), a pinkish nude with mauve undertones that can be worn every day for a chic look; True Red (25), a vibrant, daring and passionate true red; Soft Berry (26), a luminous refined rosewood shade with a slight hint of red.

A fusion between eyeshadow, eye pencil and eyeliner, Phyto-Eye Twist presents deep, magnetic colours that outline and transform the eyes with lines ranging from subtle to bold. Currently the collection comprises 13 pure shades saturated with intense multi-coloured pigments, designed to be used alone or layered.

Two new reasons to bring a twist to your eye look: the jumbo eye pencil is available in two new shades: Taupe (16), a universal matte brown with cool undertones that is easy to wear every day. Rose Bronze (17), a bronze with mauve and silvery shimmer, for magnetic eyes.

There is also a Twist for the cheeks, with a range of fresh and luminous shades that adapt to all skin tones for an instant boost and radiant cheeks. A new shade of the rounded jumbo stick is now joining the existing six: Berry (7), an intense rosewood that enhances fair skin and gently and brightly illuminates darker skin tones.


Sisley’s Phyto-Khol Waterproof liners are high-tech, packed with pigments, and incredibly comfortable, ranking second in make-up sales for the brand with more than two million units sold worldwide in 2020.

Designed like fine-tipped pens with retractable lead, the Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof liners are available in a matte, metallic and glitter finish. Featuring a very long-wearing formula with intense, vibrant pigments and a high concentration of micro-fine glitters, the soft and silky texture has the perfect glide.

This autumn, eyes are defined with a graphic look with the new Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof Matte finish. It features the same great formula and comes in 6 new vibrant and velvety shades for an electrifying look, enhanced eyes, or a subtle and natural look.

Matte Onyx, a classic and timeless black, gives the eyes depth and intensity. Matte Tonka is an elegant dark brown that emphasises the eyes. Matte Jungle, a green with khaki tones, surrounds the eyes with a magnetic line.

Matte Graphite, a light grey with blue-tinged notes, brings out the colour of the iris and adorns the eyes with a misty allure. Matte Peacock, teal blue, enchanting and powerful, brings the eyes to life with intensity and light. Matte Chestnut, a brown of medium intensity, warm, universal, and flattering, delicately outlines the eyes.

Their intense and sweat-resistant pigments adhere to the eyelid from the first application and stay in place all day long thanks to a combination of resins with perfect hold.

Ophthalmologically tested, Phyto-Khol Star Waterproof Matte is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It comes with a built-in mini pencil sharpener that keeps the tip fine and precise, application after application


The Sisley Paris Beauty Launches Fall 2021 are not limited to make-up, they also focus on anti-ageing. Keep in mind that make-up only looks great on beautiful, healthy skin.

There are many factors involved in the loss of radiance. However one of the main causes is aging, which leads to visible signs: the skin becomes less smooth and less dense, reducing its ability to reflect light, while the complexion starts to look dull or grey due to reduced microcirculation, colour irregularities, and more.

The skin’s surface only reflects 10% of the light that hits it. The Sisley laboratories focused on the 90% of light that directly enters the skin by targeting the mechanisms responsible for loss of radiance and created a new anti-ageing serum that targets three key factors: dark spots, pigmentation and skin quality. Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum restores skin radiance and evenness by reducing the appearance of dark spots and shadows that dull the complexion. It illuminates the skin and restores its glow by improving the skin’s oxygenation.

Moreover, it stimulates collagen production, while its powerful active ingredients attract and retain water in the stratum corneum for immediate and long-term hydration.

The fresh, lightweight texture of Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum makes skin smoother and reflects light better. Dark spots and pigmentation are less visible and the complexion is more even and luminous.


The Sisley Paris Beauty Launches Fall 2021 also include new products of the Hair Rituel line.

Dandruff is a phenomenon that affects one in two people worldwide, both male and female. In addition to being unsightly, it is accompanied by dryness and discomfort (itching and irritation) and it has the potential to become a daily issue. Although many factors are involved, the causes arise from the scalp’s imbalance. The scalp is home to a combination of “good” and “bad” yeasts and bacteria living in the right proportions. But this balance can be upset by genetic factors or external influences. Washing the hair aggressively or too frequently, excess sebum, stress, weather, and an imbalanced diet all promote scalp inflammation. As a result, the scalp overreacts and cell renewal escalates, leading to this visible shedding of skin: dandruff.

Hair Rituel by Sisley has created two new products that can be a solution to dandruff and the discomfort that it causes: The Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and the Soothing Anti-Dandruff Cure purifie, soothe and rebalance the scalp and regulate cell renewal to impede flaking. The formula’s active ingredients strengthen the skin barrier and boost the scalp’s self-defence system. The products contain Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin, which helps soothe the scalp and stop it from itching. Like a beauty product, the shampoo, enriched with cotton proteins, in combination with the serum helps to enhance the hair and make the hair fibre stronger.

Use the duo as an intensive treatment 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Maintain results over the rest of the year by alternating the Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with another Hair Rituel shampoo.

Please consult a certified dermatologist if you suffer from heavy dandruff. It could be due to a bacterial infection. In that case you’ll need a medical prescription.

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