“Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony.” This is one of my favourite quotes of Grimm’s fairy tale Snow White. And my favourite beauty look. To complete the fairy tale make-up, I would add “cheeks as delicate as a Persian coral rose” and use L’Orchidée Corail, Sisley’s new highlighter blush. It features coral and apricot orange scattered with gold and coral sparkles against a rosy peach background, which gives you a radiant glow.


The Orchid, Sisley’s iconic flower, blooms within a silver-toned metal case, revealing a harmonious palette of three new luminous shades to sculpt the face and illuminate all complexions. Sisley’s make-up artist David suggested that I apply it as a blush on my cheeks and on my eyelids to enhance the colour of my eyes.

Its lightweight powder gives make-up a sheer, luminous look without overloading. It becomes one with the skin thanks to a complex of esters and pearlescent particles. L’Orchidée highlighter blush is available in three shades: L’Orchidée Coral (number 3, CHF 102.50) gives you the freshness of dazzling coral for a sunkissed glow. L’Orchidée Rose (2) features candy pink and rosy beige scattered with gold and pink sparkles against a pale pink background. L’Orchidée (1) features coral pink and brown scattered with gold and pink sparkles against a golden peach background for an instantly sunkissed complexion.


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I’m a big fan of Sisley’s body care products, especially the body creams. At a recent press event, I was given a relaxing hand massage with a new Sisley product that will be launched in April 2019: Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate SPF 30. The luxurious hand cream (CHF 141, 75ml) plumps, smooths, hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin while combating dark spots to treat all the visible signs of ageing on the hands and to lavish them with the same care as the face.

This amazing new product contains a high sunscreen. With SPF 30, you won’t get dark spots on your hands, which would make them look older than they are. Don’t forget that on your hands, sunspots, wrinkles as well as dry and thin skin can scream 60 when you’re only 40. To avoid that your hands look older than your face, dermatologists advice that you pamper your hands as much as your face.


Get your body in shape for spring and banish dry patches and uneven tone with Concentrated Firming Body Cream by Sisle Paris (CHF 255, 150ml). The formula combines the power of a serum, the comfort of a cream and the results of a firming product while providing a unique sensory experience.

Sisley’s luxurious body cream redensifies the skin of the entire body to improve its tone and firmness. Fine lines in the décolleté are smoothed. Oat seed extract, an active ingredient that forms an elastic mesh on the skin’s surface, gives an instant lifting feeling. This tightening effect is further enhanced by Rhatany extract.


High-definition make-up for a flawless skin effect: Blur Expert by Sisley Paris features a cutting-edge reflexshine technology that gives your complexion a powder-like compact texture combined with a melting gel formula. Velvety soft and ultralight, it coats skin in a perfecting veil that reflects and diffuses the light for an ultra-radiant matte result.

Apply Blur Expert to the entire face using a kabuki or powder brush. For greater coverage, apply more product on the areas to be blurred. You can use Blur Expert in three ways: 1. Apply it on bare skin for a radiant, fresh and natural result. 2. Apply it after foundation to perfect your make-up. 3. Use it as a touch-up throughout the day to mattify, smooth and enhance your complexion.


The new Protective Hair Fluid by Sisley contains a protective screen to shield against the harmful effects of the sun, seawater and pool water. It protects hair fibres and preserves their softness, colour and shine.

To protect the hair colour, the new fluid contains Sunflower seed extract, with antioxidant properties, and artichoke leaf extract, which helps to protect the hair fibre’s lipid and protein potential. Moreover, two sun filters protect against UVA and UVB rays to offer hair optimum protection.

Use Sisley’s hair fluid before sun exposure in the summer and before swimming all year round – including in swimming pools. Apply on dry or wet hair. Its lightweight, silky texture can be applied on all sections of the hair, but special attention should be paid to the lengths and tips. Its fresh citrus and woody notes of verbena, lemon, peach blossom and amber delicately scent the hair.


In 2014, Sisley launched SisleyYouth, a unisex skincare product designed to preserve youth potential in 25 to 35 year olds with hectic lifestyles.

This spring, Sisley launches SisleyYouth Anti-Pollution, a revitalising, energizing and intensely hydrating skin care product that comprehensively combats all types of pollution: indoor pollution (e.g. paint, cleaning products, electrical appliances), outdoor pollution (atmospheric pollutants, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, etc.) and digital pollution (device screens, artificial blue light, constant internet use).

Advancements in scientific research have demonstrated that excessive exposure to blue light from smartphone, tablet and TV screens accelerates skin ageing. This colour of light penetrates more deeply than harmful UVA rays, entering all of the skin’s layers and causing oxidative stress to skin cells. Skin becomes dehydrated more quickly and ages prematurely.

Organic Buckwheat seed extract,a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the skin’s barrier function and acts as a protective shield against attacks from pollutants. Organic Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Sisley’s star active ingredient, protects the skin from the attacking free radicals produced by pollutants and blue light in particular. The functions of the epidermis are boosted thanks to pea extract, which acts as a «bodyguard» to enhance skin’s resistance.

SisleYouth Anti-Pollution has a fresh, melting fluid texture with a matt, velvety finish to be applied morning and night to the face and neck.

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