The Bárbara de Braganza will be sailing the seas again. On 7 August 2020, we will discover new intrigues, characters, mysteries, secrets and love stories in the third season of the Spanish Netflix series High Seas.


Even though the plot is set in the 1940’s, it evolves around a deadly virus. It isn’t Covid-19, but the issue is of topical interest all around the world. In the Netflix series, some passengers are wearing face masks to protect themselves from the deadly virus.


(Above) Novelist Eva Villanueva (Ivana Baquero) and Fabio, a Brazilian undercover agent (Marco Pigossi).

After a year and a half in Argentina, the Bárbara de Braganza witnesses the reunion of the beautiful Villanueva sisters on a journey that will take them from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Veracruz (Mexico).

(Above) Carolina Villanueva, who owns a new ship, and officer Nicolás Salas (Jon Kortajarena).

Both sisters have changed in those six months. Carolina, the business woman, owns another ship, and Eva has published her first novel. In a bookstore in Buenos Aires, a woman asks Eva to sign the novel she is about to buy, while a mysterious Brazilian, who knows all about Eva’s past, wants to meet her in a street that has the same name as the street Eva used to live in Spain.

(Above) Eva and Fabio met at a bookstore in Buenos Aires. On the ship, they carry out a secret mission to save the passengers’ lives.

Eva is hiding a mission that she will carry out with Fabio, a Brazilian undercover agent who wants to stop a scientist who is travelling aboard with a powerful lethal weapon, a virus. Eva and Fabio can’t find him, because he registered under a false name.

(Above) Eva, Fabio and Nicolás.

A new plot of mystery and espionage in which their lives will be at risk with new characters full of interest around the lethal weapon, who will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way. 

(Above) Carolina, Eva and the mysterious patient Diana.

Shortly after the embarkment, Eva meets Nicolás again. The handsome officer she had fallen in love with on her first trip is travelling with his wife Chantal, who was a prisoner in a concentration camp. She is quite the opposite of Eva: insecure, frightened and unhappy.

(Above) Nicolás and his wife Chantal (Claudia Galán).

When the first murder occurs aboard the ship, Fabio warns Eva that their mission is at risk and that some other passengers know about the existence of the virus.

As the crimes continue, Eva’s involvement raises suspicion.

(Above) Fernando, Carolina’s husband and owner of the ship, and Eva attend the welcome cocktail party on the first evening.


Carolina is looking for her sister Eva, when Carmen, uncle Pedro’s friend, appears and asks Carolina to help her with her daughter Diana who’s not feeling well. When Carolina enters their suite, doctor Ayala appears. He and Carmen want to know if Eva, who witnessed the murder the night before, had revealed andy details to her sister. Carolina denies. They don’t believe her and doctor Ayala injects her with a paralyzing substance.

(Above) Diana as Carolina (Alejandra Onieva), Carmen and Doctor Ayala (Pep Antonio Muñoz).

Diana, who has undergone plastic surgery to look like Carolina, is a criminal who was sentenced to ten years in prison. She was contracted by Doctor Ayala. She has a lower voice than Carolina. Carmen insists that Diana trains her voice in order to have the same feminine voice as Carolina.

(Above) From criminal to wealthy lady: Diana as Carolina Villanueva.

The cast, led by Ivana Baquero (Goya Award for Best Newcomer Actress for Pan’s Labyrinth, Demonios tus Ojos or Feedback) and Alejandra Onieva (The Secret of Puente Viejo), will be joined by new faces such as Marco Pigossi (Sangue boom or Boogie Oogie) and Nicolás Francella (Aliados o Las Estrellas), whose characters will be essential to solving the new mystery that will happen on board.

(Above) Argentinian actor Nicolás Francella joins the cast of High Seas 3.

In addition, we will reencounter with other familiar faces like Jon Kortajarena (Pieles o La Verdad), José Sacristán (Asignatura Pendiente o Velvet), Eloy Azorín (Gran Hotel o Apaches), Begoña Vargas (Malasaña 32 o Paquita Salas) and Eduardo Blanco (Son of the Bride o Kamikaze); who will be fundamental in the development of the new plot.

The new season of High Seas will have 6 episodes. It is produced by Bambú Producciones for Netflix.

More infos will be revealed in this article on 9 August.

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Photos: Courtesy of Netflix

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