Ioni Conrad, a cute little girl aged two, hit the catwalk for Jean-Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week in January 2018. She walked her first fashion show together with her mum, topmodel Coco Rocha (29). The toddler dressed in haute couture was the star of the show. She seemed to have great fun on the catwalk, imitating the poses of her mother who is pregnant with her second child.

Coco posted several pictures of her and Ioni on Instagram and wrote: “Carrying my son in my belly with my daughter Ioni by my side, I will never forget this day! Thank you Jean-Paul Gaultier for another unforgettable moment on the runway, my heart is so full.”

The Canadian topmodel and her mini-me, who will celebrate her third birthday in March, were dressed in matching shimmering baby blue outfits and elbow length black gloves. The outfits featured a black heart, a recurrent theme in Gaultier’s collections. Their hair sculptures were simply amazing. Coco and Ioni struck several typical Jean-Paul Gaultier model poses for the audience. They were most probably inspired by model legend Pat Cleveland.



Take a seat in the first row and enjoy the Jean-Paul Gaultier haute couture show Spring/Summer 2018. Ioni makes her debut at 15:38.


(Above) Couturier Jean-Paul Gaultier, Ioni and her mother Coco Rocha.

(Above) Getting ready for the haute couture show. Jean-Paul Gaultier and a seamstress supervise Ioni’s outfit and help her with the gloves.

(Above) She already poses like a model. No wonder, with a teacher like Coco Rocha! The 29-year old posted this picture on Instagram and wrote: “So proud of this little girl. Two years old and she takes it all in her stride.”

Photos: Courtesy of Coco Rocha and Jean-Paul Gaultier

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