Tessera, Ziad Nakad’s Haute Couture Collection Fall/Winter 2019/20, is an ode to architecture and geometry. Inspired by the ancient mosaic and the tessera, a mosaic tile shaped in the form of a cube, the young Lebanese couturier created a magnificent collection featuring marked waists, oversize and asymmetrical sleeves. Silhouettes with embroidery embellishments like tessellas and tesserulas reveal a modern aerial mosaic.

A colourful haute couture collection, from blue to red, from gold to silver with black tips. Ziad Nakad combines tulles and chiffons, lace and velvet, giving his creations an architectural and modern dimension. A real master of cuts and volumes.


Take a seat in the first row and enjoy the Ziad Nakad Couture Show which took place at the Pavillon Cambon in Paris on 3 July 2019.


Ziad Nakad’s magnificent collection is inspired by ancient mosaics and the tessera, a small piece of stone, glass or ceramic cut in a cubical shape. The
oldest tesserae dates back to the 3rd millennium BCE and was discovered in the ancient city of Shahdad in Iran. Stone tesserae remained dominant in mosaics into Roman times, but between the 3rd and 1st centuries bc tesserae of smalto, or coloured glass, also began to be produced, cut from large slabs of glass that ranged from lightly tinted to opaque. These relatively fragile glass tesserae were used sparingly in floor mosaics to provide pure blues, reds, and greens that could not be found in the more durable natural stone.

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Photos: Courtesy of Ziad Nakad

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