Damiano David, lead singer of the Italian rock band Maneskin, was recently asked in an interview with Allison Hagendorf, former Global Head of Rock at Spotify, if he would ever release solo music. His answer was: “Why not?” 

“It could be a very healthy thing, but also a very destructive thing,” he continued. The most important thing would be to agree the solo project with the band. “My three bandmates gave me everything I have today,” Damiano explained, pointing out how grateful he is to them for their support.

On the official website of Maneskin, no tour dates have been published for this year. Are they currently working on new songs or are some band members already planning a solo project?

In the interview, the 25-year-old admitted that he would love to do a solo project. “I wish that one day we’ll do a solo project for one year and that afterwards we’ll come together with new ideas and new stimulations,” he explained.

He concluded with the remark: “In art, you should always try out new things. If I grow, the band grows too.”

Most successful bands have sooner or later made a break (or even split up) to give their members the opportunity to do solo albums, for instance The Police (Sting), Queen (Freddie Mercury), Genesis (Phil Collins), The Beatles (John Lennon and Paul McCartney), Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé), One Direction (Harry Styles).


On 2 February 2024, Damiano David rocked the stage solo without his three band mates. He attended the MusiCares Person of the Year benefit gala, which honoured Jon Bon Jovi at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The MusiCares Person of the Year tribute ceremony is one of the most prestigious events held during Grammy Week every year. It includes a cocktail reception followed by a dinner and a tribute concert featuring renowned musicians and other artists paying tribute to the gala’s honoree.

This year, the star-studded line-up included Damiano David of Maneskin, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain and Jelly Roll. They all paid tribute to Jon Bon Jovi (61) by performing one of his songs on stage. Damiano sang Keep The Faith.

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Photo: Courtesy of NRJ France

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