Damiano David was caught in flagrante kissing a woman who’s not his girlfriend in a disco. Victoria De Angelis has posted pictures of her and a model who is said to be her new girlfriend. The frontman and the bassist of Maneskin are having tumultuous summer romances, and millions of fans around the world are watching them.

And what about the other two members of Maneskin? Who is Thomas Raggi’s girlfriend? And who stole Ethan Torchio’s heart?


In an Instagram message posted on 8 June 2023, Damiano David confirmed that he and Giorgia Soleri had split up. Maneskin’s frontman and the Italian blogger, who has 822000 followers on Instagram, had had a relationship since 2017.

A few days before the announcement, a video emerged in which Damiano kissed a blonde woman in a disco. The model named Martina Taglienti is a friend of Maneskin’s bassist Victoria De Angelis.

After the video scandal, Giorgia wrote on Instagram that she and Damiano didn’t have a monogamous relationship, which means that they could have sex with other partners. But she reacted in a completely different way than Damiano after the splitting up was confirmed. She wrote that she was «angry, hurt and disappointed». In fact, she and Damiano had already split up when the scandal video was published, but they had decided not to announce the news yet in order to have more time to protect themselves in this transitional phase. But the video of Damiano kissing another woman in a disco changed everything. He was forced to make a public statement.

Giorgia immediately unfollowed Damiano and the other three Maneskin members on Instagram. A few days later, while Damiano and Maneskin where touring in Spain, she moved out of the flat she had been sharing with her ex boyfriend in Rome.

Two days before the announcement of the splitting up, Giorgia Soleri launched her first make-up collection Neonude for Italian Brand Mulac (watch her video before and after).

The influencer was massively criticized after the death of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, when she wrote in an Instagram post that “the man destroyed the country”. She deleted it a few days later.


The Google Analytics report of our e-magazine shows that many fans search for Ethan Torchio’s sexuel orientation on Google. Let’s keep it short: Ethan Torchio is not gay, not bisexual and not queer. He’s heterosexual and he’s had relationships with women.

What makes people think that Ethan has a different sexual orientation than Damiano and Thomas? Don’t misunderstand us: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not being straight, but assuming that a man is bisexual, queer or gay just because he has long hair is not only ridiculous and absurd, but this attitude is also born out of ignorance. (We’ll post a video on the history and the meaning of long male hair in fall or winter on our Youtube channel.)

The drummer of Maneskin has always said that he’s single, but last year paparazzi took pictures of him kissing a young blonde woman called Laura Alfonsi Castelli. This year, she posted a picture of them in a river in Costa Rica (link).


Paparazzi have caught Maneskin’s bassist kissing her new love. No, it’s not Damiano David, even though fans would be over the moon if they were a couple.

A few weeks ago, in June 2023, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas spent a few days relaxing in Ibiza and Formentera. A model named Luna Passos was on vacation with them. She is said to be Victoria De Angelis’ new girlfriend. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and has dual citizenship: Dutch and Brazilian. She hit the runway for YSL, Valentino, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham and DSquared2.


Maneskin’s guitarist Thomas Raggi (22) is in a relationship with 23-year-old Lavinia Albrizio from Bologna, Italy. She’s got dark brown hair and blue eyes. She looks a little bit like Dakota Johnson.

Lavinia is quite the opposite of Giorgia Soleri, Damiano’s ex-girlfriend. She’s a reserved person and she never posts any provocative pictures or messages on Instagram. She loves travelling, art and dogs. She accompanies Thomas on tour from time to time.

Photos: Courtesy of RAI Ufficio stampa; Luna Passos Instagram; Lavinia Albrizio Instagram;

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