Paris is not only the City of Light, but also the city of temptation. Ladurée, Angelina, Pierre Hermé or Lenôtre: their delicious pastries are a must for every tourist who has a sweet tooth. But what about our health? Did you know that an imbalanced diet and eating at irregular intervals, consuming too much sugar, coffee, alcohol and nicotine as well as not getting enough exercise or sleep have a very negative impact on our appearance and well-being? That’s why you should ask yourself: Wouldn’t it be wise to combine a trip to Paris with a detox day in order to have a healthy break and get plenty of vitamins and antioxidants? During haute couture fashion week in Paris in July 2017, I wanted to test a detox treatment that enhances the vitality and the balance of body, spirit and soul. That’s why I tested Detox Delight in Paris.


Detox Delight has developed a detox approach that is effective, easily digestible and suitable for our modern lifestyle. Live enzymes, trace elements and vitamins contained in fresh organic juices and raw vegetables feed our cells and provide our bodies with additional energy which it can use for healing and regeneration processes. A high-fiber diet with a lot of raw food promotes the detoxification of our bowels. Undigested fibers bind water and toxins and support the emptying of the bowels.

Detox Delight offers cures for 5, 7, 12, 14 or 20 days. All the products (food and juices) can also be included in the daily routine without a cure. Given the fact that I had a few business lunches during that week, I opted for a one-day cure with six juices, which I picked up at the Juice Bar at 106 rue Amelot in the 11th arrondissement. Fanny, the Juice Bar manager, introduced me to the Detox Delight philosophy and helped me choose six juices for my cure. Guests of the Juice Bar can also have a seat and order food, juices and even lunch. The Juice Bar is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7 pm and on Saturday from 9am to 6pm. You can also buy the products at the Juice Bar at 11-13 rue Boursault at CMG (17th arrondissement), at Printemps (at the beauty departement on the ground floor) or order them online throughout France.


The purpose of the one-day test was not to lose weight, but to test a detox treatment. I have a body mass index of 21 (people with a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 are normal weight).

I had my first juice at 10.45 am: Pure Lemonade (440ml) with water, lemon, chili and a touch of stevia as a metabolic booster and for liver support.

At 1.10pm, I had Pure Veggie Juice #1 (440ml): cucumber, fennel, spinach, lemon, celery and parsley (21kcal/100ml). It is part of the extra-basic, fructose-poor and chlorophyll-rich vegetable juice compositions.

At 3.15pm, I was really hungry and given the fact that I had to go to a fashion show and it was very hot (31°), I opted for Pure Nutmilk, which had more calories than the other juices, even though it was supposed to be number 6 on my cure day. The drink contains water, cashew nut (10%), cinnamon, stevia and vanilla. This was the juice I liked less, because it was very aqueous. But it helped to get rid of the hungry feeling.

Shortly before the fashion show at 5.15, I drank the red Beauty Water, a delicious aloe vera juice (10kcal/100ml), which I was allowed to drink during the veggie and fruit juices. Together with the Pure Lemonade, the Beauty Water was my favourite drink of the day.

At 7pm, I opted for a small healthy lentil and feta salad (by Cojean), which was not on the programme, but I was hungry and felt that I had to eat something in order to be able to write a few articles until midnight.

Two hours later, at 9pm, I had the Juice Delight Orange (440ml): apple, carot, fennel, orange, lemon and curcuma (42kcal/100ml).

At 11pm, I had the Yellow Juice #1 (440ml): apple, ananas, zucchini, coconut water, green lemon, lemongrass (35kcal/100ml).


The one-day detox cure was a completely new experience. I had never done a similar cure before. In the evening, I felt very well and full of energy, which I usually lack at the end of the day. I worked until 1am without ever feeling tired. That’s the benefit I most appreciated. I definitely recommend Detox Delight to our readers, even though I suggest them to start the cure on a weekend when they have no stress, no business meetings and no full programme. Avoid starting the detox cure on a very hot working day (31° in my case). Your body has to get used to the change first. I will definitely include a detox day from time to time and also start replacing dinner by two juices once a week. Next time, I will also test the food Detox Delight offers and combine it with the juices.


I tested Detox Delight in Paris. What about you? Curious to discover more on Detox Delight France and how to order the juices and meals? Check out their website

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