Fashion, culture and food: whenever I’m in Paris to attend fashion shows, I always love to have some spare time to discover new restaurants, hotels and boutiques. This time, I took a long walk through Montmartre and walked up and down the hill (there was no need to go to the gym afterwards). I ended up on rue Ramey 61. The street is quite unspectacular, but I discovered a lovely vegan restaurant called L’abattoir végétal (which means vegetal slaughterhouse in English). I had seen pictures of it before on Instagram and felt the urge to have lunch there. I’m neither vegetarian nor vegan, but the place looked so lovely and colourful. Maybe it’s a big exaggerated to write I tested the best vegan restaurant in Paris, but it’s certainly the most instagrammable restaurant in Paris I’ve ever been to.


L’Abattoir végétal opened on 1st November 2016. The owners describe it as a mix of coffee shop, healthy bistro and juice bar. The food is 100% organic and made in Paris. Their bio and vegan juices, smoothies, products and menus are gluten free, not pasteurized and don’t contain any additives. All the menus are created by Leslie Maynard, chef de cuisine.

L’Abattoir végétal offers coffee (e. g. espresso 2.40, cappuccino 4.50), a selection of seven teas (4.50), cold pressed juices (50ml 7 and €8), Wellness Latte (e. g. beetroot with oats milk and agave syrup or matcha with almond milk and agave syrup,  €4.50), sandwiches and healthy bowls.

The vegan restaurant offers three daily menus (14 – 16), three starters (8 – 13) and three desserts (7). They also have a special offer for 15.50 (starter and menu) or 18 (starter, menu, dessert), but it’s a bit confusing because it’s only valid for one combination (you can’t choose, you have to take the assiette complète and the douceur du jour).

I opted for the daily menu Moqueca Banana da terra (roasted plantain banana with coconut milk, polenta, wild rice and farofa (a toasted cassava flour mixture). The presentation of the food was simply amazing. I had never had a vegan menu before and I was quite pleased to discover that it was not only very healthy but also quite tasty.

I enjoyed my stay at L’abattoir végétal very much. The waiter was very kind, too. Even though I didn’t feel hungry after lunch, I must admit that the menu didn’t give me energy for a whole afternoon. Two hours later, I was really hungry (even though I’m slim) and had a big lentil soup at Cojean. Therefore, I will certainly order a starter and a desert with the daily menu next time I have lunch or dinner at L’Abattoir végétal.


(Above) Veggie Magnifique has lunch at L’Abattoir végétal in Paris and tells you all about it. (Video: Veggie Magnifique, Youtube)

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