Che Guevara, sexy nurses and a silver XXL bull. The Exhibitionist hotel in London welcomes its guest in an amazing design universe. If VERTIGO was based in London, I would have chosen this great hotel for several fashion photo shoots. Curious to know more about it? I tested the Exhibitionist hotel in London for one night and discovered a few unique things.

(Above) Che Guevara welcomes guests at the reception. The lawn elevator on the left is quite special.


The 4-star design hotel is located in the heart of South Kensington, just a 5-minute walk from the underground station. If you arrive after 5 p.m. when it’s already dark in winter, I suggest that you take a cab. I had difficulties in finding the street. The hotel is situated in a beautifully restored 18th century townhouse. There are plenty of small restaurants in the area. The hotel also has a restaurant where breakfast and dinner are being served (I had no meals at the hotel, therefore I can’t write anything about the quality and choice of the breakfast).

(Above) The penthouse suite was designed exclusively for the Exhibitionist hotel by British designer duo Jimmie Martin.

(Above) Two attractive nurses welcome guests in one of the corridors.

(Above) I booked this superior double room  (number 208) for 173 £ and paid it myself (this is not a sponsored article). I assume that the rooms are soundproof, because I didn’t hear any voices or noise, which was really great. This superior room has a shower and a bathtub. There is no minibar, but you can order cold beverages and food by phone (room service).

(Above) There’s quite a long corridor between the door and the bed of the superior room. The room also features a flat TV screen. The bathroom is on the left side. (Photos: Courtesy of the Exhibitionist Hotel)

I liked the hotel very much and definitely recommend it. There were just two things I didn’t like: 1. The heating came from the ceiling in the corridor. Therefore, the bathroom was colder than the bedroom and the corridor. 2. There is no light above or around the main mirror in the bathroom, which makes it quite difficult for a woman to apply make-up in the morning. Forget about strobing and a sophisticated eye make-up. I had to check and correct my make-up with a small mirror standing between the bed and the window. I had a meeting with the CEO of a luxury beauty brand in the morning and couldn’t risk to show up with an unprofessional make-up.


You will find more infos on the hotel on its website.

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